August 20, 2015

Manifesting Wealth Easily & Effortlessly.

 Wealth and Abundance

Let us first start with believing that our body is Temple.

We are made in the image of God and are limitless in our powers of imagination. Our Temple is where God resides. We have all the powers to create and manifest everything we desire by changing thoughts and using our imagination.

We can be a Temple of Money.

All creation is spiritual pre-creation, so Imagine and Manifest what you Desire.

Begin the Beginning: Begin with the Imagination to create and manifest your desires. Imagination has infinite powers to resolve every issue in the Universe and create anything you desire. Begin the beginning of seeing—how the greatest abundant, healthy, wealthy, rich, prosperous, happy, lovable, joyful and successful experiences are manifesting in all areas of your life.

Age, Height and Weight are Just Numbers: You can start at any age. Age, height and weight are just numbers. Love, sex and faith are some of the most powerful energies of Universe. Use them wisely. Many great legends have started their ventures after 65 years of age.

Try this Affirmation:

“I have the vitality of a 20-year-old  with the benefit of 45 years of experience, and I am expanding and growing stronger and stronger and stronger every day in every way. I am Enough. I am the Best. I Can do it. God is always with me. I am a winner. Today and every day is my day. I truly love and respect myself. I appreciate and trust my capabilities and talents. I have a lot to offer the world.”

Beliefs and Subconscious: The subconscious mind is where you plant the new beliefs which serve you today and get rid of the negative energy blocks of self-sabotaging, obsolete and limiting beliefs which you picked up from your parents, teachers, society, media and many others while growing up. These self-sabotaging, obsolete and limiting beliefs do not serve you today. These beliefs must be trashed and substituted with the new ones which serve us today.

Meditation is the key to awareness. Awareness brings you into the present moment where all creation takes place. You can go into the Alpha-Theta levels of consciousness and connect with your subconscious, being fully aware of your being and imagine from within your inner world what you desire and feel with full faith and confidence that wish is already fulfilled without thinking of how. Universe takes care of it.

Let us begin a New Beginning—Meditation: 

Find a relaxing place and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You are safe, fully secured and protected. Take another deep breath and exhale slowly. You are always fully cleansed with each breath. Take another slow breath and exhale slowly.

Feel your whole body is fully relaxed. Watch your breath. Stay in the moment. If any thoughts come, don’t pay any attention to these. Count backwards from 10 to 1 very slowly. You are now deeply relaxed. You are now deep within yourself .Stay in the now the present moment. You are now plugged into your inner field of creativity the Universal Divine Energy.

Imagine what you desire passionately with trust and faith and feel your wish fulfilled without thinking of how. The Universe takes care of that. Stay here as long as you can focus your energy and give your attention. Celebrate your fulfilled wish and thank the Divine with gratitude and appreciation.

Repeat this meditation for few days and let it become part of your thinking and breathing.

You have now planted your desire in the Universal Energy field for manifesting your desire in the physical world.



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Author: Prince Mohan

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Image: Omar Reyes-Flickr 



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