August 22, 2015

Our Natural State is Love.

natural love

I have a message.

It’s a simple but powerful one and I’d like you to help me get it out there.

Our natural state is love. That is our nature. That is what we all wish to express.

What prevents us from expressing love is the ego.

This “ego” is the destructive force in the Universe. It causes things to die and fade away. We, like the rest of this universe, are a duality.

This ego is expressed in us through our thoughts. It speaks to us in ways that confuse us as to who we really are. Its voice appears to be ours, but is not the expression of the love that we wish to be.

It occurs on all levels of existence. We know this to be true. We know we live to less than we can be. To less than our full potential.

It is the sole cause of the many problems our world experiences.

The ego appears in our governmental, administrative, educational and social systems as endemic problems that we tinker with but never really fix. The symptoms are our nutritive deprived food system, poverty, mental illness, pollution, excessive consumption, economic greed and ultimately wars.

The reason none of these things change is because we always attempt to fix the symptom, never the disease.

The ego’s form of delusion is so subtle that we never know whether a decision, either personal or collective, is coming from the ego or from love. It clouds and confuses the intent and blocks us from the source of the wisdom that is innate in our true state.

We experience it on our news everyday with the constant feed of negative events and happenings from around the world.

We always appear to know the solution but can never overcome the strength of the ego.

In government we know what is right but we compromise and allow the ego voice to say,

“That’s too hard, we can’t do that, it would cost us too much.”

All the while, ignoring what the compromise will cost. Just look at  global warming as an example.

So, the ego continues its influence but it can only do so it if we continue to allow it.

We must take a stand.

We must begin to know and identify when it speaks and how so we can be what we are really meant to be. The true expression of the love that we feel and know we are. It is in all of us and is only covered up by stories in our heads of what we identify with on a personal level.

“I believe this or I think that!”

These stories cloud the truth and lead us to make decisions that globally, nationally, locally and personally compromise that truth.

Globally, these stories prevent us from coming together to solve these issues in the name of so called national interests.

They are really just ego needs.

On a personal level, we don’t take a stand. We become apathetic to the constant stream of bad news. The ego saying to us,

“ What can I do, I’m just one person?”

I say,

“If not you, then who?”

We are love and that love has wisdom. It has a natural ability to know what is right and what we should do to fix all these issues. We can no longer tinker and compromise and “try” to fix these things.

We must take a stand and go inward to the wisdom we all share and bring about a shift in consciousness that can lead to us all being that expression of love and seeing real change.

We can solve global poverty though love combined with education and money. Not just one of these applied at one time by the ego which often throws money at the problem as an easy solution.

Not just education, as the ego believes intellect is the solution to every problem. Therefore, it makes sure the education lacks the one thing that will make the person apply it—knowing that someone cares about them.

How much longer will we allow the ego to generate war, fuel pollution, educate our children to not know who they are and perpetuate that error, allow our very existence to be threatened by global climate change and constant war, whilst we all continue to consume and possess things that only serve our ego?

We all have and consume too much in the western world and we can do with far less than the ego demands.

We can simplify our lives.

We can move in alignment with our true purposes and bring out the gifts we all have and express them in the work that we do.

You see, for the ego, it is never enough and will never be enough. Its need can never be satisfied because it does not know love, only destruction, and in its underhanded and subtle way that’s what it wants for all of us.

Only when we return to love and use its practical wisdom to decide, can we stop the connection with the ego.

Only when we perpetually connect to love, can we make decisions that will make sense.

So, join with me to spread this message. Join with me to know the real cause of all the symptoms that we strive to fix. Join with me to fix it in the one place that can really make a difference.


It really is time to awaken.



10 Ways to Recognize our Enormous Ego.

Author: Brett Jones

Volunteer Editor: Brandie Smith/Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Foundry/pixabay

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