August 27, 2015

Rainbow Children: The Children of Today.

Child's Eyes

When I see a rainbow I see a miracle, it’s like a painting from God.

A creation so unique, that no one can replicate its true essence. A joyful, inspiring phenomena that exudes pure, vibrant energy, just like a newborn baby.

When a child comes into this world, it is a wonder created by us with the help of God, a gift from us to our planet, a bond of exponential connections to our roots and a bundle of dreams waiting to unfold.

What if “creator of all that is” decided to merge his true essence of pure energy with our bundles of wonder to give us rainbow children—a spark of iridescent light in our somewhere lost, dark evolution to brighten the future. What a miraculous divinity it would be!

We’re all classified by the distinction in our vibrational energies as crystal kids, indigo kids and others but since the late 90s our planet has been blessed in abundance with rainbow children.

When a child is in the womb their senses are not developed yet, but their soul already resides in the tiny fetus—a soul that has given us the privilege to bring them into this world. It is our children who choose us and not vice verse, thus I wonder why the relentless worry and anxiety of who and what our children will be and why the deep sadness and guilt that penetrates our hearts when we lose the child or let it go. Just like the soul chose to come to us, it decides to leave us of its own accord.

If we’d only realise that we’re not explicitly responsible for any of the outcomes and are mere spectators of the happenings that arise from our subconscious beliefs, the pain would cease, leaving no traces for it to rebound.

Souls are our constant immortal companions and constitute the essence of our being. They are the eternal spirit of us—life after life. Our magnanimous souls understand and feel it all from the moment they choose to re-incarnate, thereforehealthy and nutritious food for our babies is not enough, we need to provide happiness, security and unconditional love for the soul too.

The souls are easily scared and damaged with the strong negative energies and forces that transcend into them, at a faster speed than light.

Earth’s vibrations have shifted and the elevation we feel connects us to spirituality, significantly bringing into awareness our children’s special attributes—they are exclusively different, instinctively impertinent, astutely aspiring, compassionate and sensitive. They are extrodinary!

Rainbow children are all around us, waiting to exponentially share their gifts with the world. So let’s boost and inspire their uniqueness, allow them to take charge and see to their true promise on our planet.

They are the new change! They are here to make this world a better place!

I adore children and this piece is dedicated to my sons’ Rajveer and Rohaan who are exceptionally gifted rainbow children and are ready to make the difference.



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Author: Sajeda M. Batra

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Bessi/Pixabay

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