August 8, 2015

Rare 888 Lion’s Gate Portal—August 8, 2015.


On August 8th the Lion’s Gate portal will peak, letting us reflect on our past and what we want to manifest in our future.

Each year on August 8th we enter into what is called the Lion’s Gate. This term refers to the significance of the number eight and the astrological sign Leo, which is represented by the lion.

This year we have a extra special Lion’s Gate—the 888 portal. The first number eight stands for the month of August, being the 8th month. The second eight is the day and the third is the year. In numerology we add up the single digits of complex numbers until we get to a single digit number—in this case 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8.

The triple eight portal represents great significance for all of society in this unique astrological year.

The number eight is the symbol for infinity—as above, so below. It is the number of the universe and the infinite gifts that are possible if we offer ourselves and our agendas to the greater good. Eight is also the number associated with harmony, balance, abundance and power.

The 8th of August is the high point in what is known as the Lion’s Gate.

This portal opens between the 26th of July and 12th of August, while the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo—the lion.

During this time light waves from the star, Sirius, bathes Earth with keys and codes to assist us with our spiritual evolution.

The star, Sirius, rises every midsummer and is associated with new thought, new light and new beginnings.

There have been many unique astrological occurrences this year and this is no exception—as there is no such thing as coincidence.

July was a profound month for all of us. With two full moons in the same month we have been challenged to discover our own, authentic truth. Because of Venus going retrograde directly at the start of the Lion’s Gate our lives have been flooded with thoughts related to love and relationships.

Each year there is a theme to the Lion’s Gate—one area where we are all being asked to reevaluate and consider more deeply.

This year Lion’s Gate focuses on relationships—specifically three types—in honor of the 888 significance.

The first we are being asked to evaluate is our relationship to ourself.

As society gradually awakens to a higher level of spiritual awareness we naturally begin to question who we are as individuals. This means looking at who we authentically are and at the exact truth of our soul. This year is the time when we are being asked to take the time to discover who we are as a person but also who we are apart from the expectations we may feel pressure to live up to.

This is about us leaving behind what we are supposed to be and instead deciding who we want to be.

The second relationship is the one that we have with the universe.

While we may be aware of our authentic truth we may also have been struggling to figure out what place we hold or want to hold in the world. Questions we may have been asking are:

“How do we fit into the Universe?”

“How can we be ourselves and still serve others?”

“How can we integrate all of our various selves so that we are living in harmony?”

There are no simple answers to these questions and while a daily meditation practice can help us achieve a feeling of balance, the universe is also coming together to help us see exactly how it all can fit together.

This is about discovering that when we naturally align to our authentic truth, we also join in harmony with the universe.

The third relationship we are being challenged by is the one with our soul mate or twin flame.

While there are some differences between a soul mate and twin flame, the ultimate meaning behind the terms is that once in a lifetime type of romantic relationship. The reason this is the third relationship to consider is that we can’t fully immerse ourselves in the romance until we have discovered our relationship with ourselves and the part that we play in the universe.

These types of romantic relationships are also difficult, by definition. Sometimes these relationships seem to be playing out past karmic bonds, before we are able to connect in this lifetime.

This discovery is about us realizing that we can still be ourselves and be in love—it doesn’t have to be an either or type of situation.

Now is the time of infinite potential and possibility.

Now is the time to create and materialize what we want into our lives. We are being asked to finally come to the understanding that we are the co-creators of our realities. We are being asked to acknowledge that we are surrounded by the energy of abundance from the universe.

There is no such thing as a lack in the universe. Any boundaries or obstacles we perceive happen when we haven’t yet accepted the infinite love and acceptance that is ultimately available to us.

This is the supreme energy of the light from Sirius shinning down on us during this special portal in time.

We are being asked to combine our masculine and feminine energies and to celebrate all that we are, all that we have been and all that we will be. It’s a time to look deeply at our past and to say good bye to any old wounds or baggage that we may still be carrying.

Only once we have done that can we look at our current journey—then we can decide what we want our future to hold.


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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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