August 6, 2015

Show Me Your Steps. {Poem}

Eric Kilby

I want you to sing to me;
The sweet sounds of your soul resonating through my body, tickling my skin.

I want you to breathe through me;
The air that fills your lungs of life, passion and a yearning to be.

I want to see your eyes look into mine.
And see what you see, watch the glistening of the stars light you up.

I want you to feel me.
To touch, caress, lick. To taste.

I want to share all senses with you.
To intertwine our souls in a dance so beautiful everyone would watch.

Take my hand, spin me around and catch me in your embrace.
Dip me in your essence and let me soak up all of you.

I want my feet to glide around with yours, lightly and carefree as you shuffle me around the dance floor of life,
hands at my hips, admiring their teasing sways, lusting over my body and reveling in the sight we make together.

We would be so graceful you and I.
Effortlessly our bodies would prance to the music, twists and turns, a closeness no-one else could achieve.

I want to see the magic in your step, take me on a dance my love…show me yourself.



Author: Felicity Lavars

Apprentice Editor: Jaimee Guenther/Editor: Travis May

Photo: Eric Kilby/Flickr

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