August 14, 2015

That Woman, She’s Fire. {Adult Poem}



{Editor’s Note: Adult Language Ahead}


She howls to the moon like a hungry wolf

And laughs so loudly it shakes the earth

She is not made to play small

Or shrink into delicate puddles of silence

That woman, she’s born to burn

And make her mark on the world

She’s fire

A match lit by her heart’s desires

A shocking surge of static electricity

A spicy glass of whiskey that scorches all the way down

That woman, she’s fire

Dangerous as hell, she scares boys

Because she knows what she wants and speaks her mind boldly

Her hair, dancing tangerine flames

Her feet, restless, always ablaze

Her hips, sultry sways that ignite sleeping embers

She’s sweaty, messy, feisty and raw

With a mouth that curses, lips that speak with tender honesty

That woman, she’s f*cking fire

She’s a lioness; a beast; a snarling panther

She’s redefining it all

Cracking open confining molds

Creating herself piece by beautiful piece

She’s a constantly changing masterpiece

That woman, she’s fire

She’s born to burn

And make her mark on the world

And kick some a**

And not be quiet

At all.


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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: StockSnap/Jesse Uli


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Read 2 comments and reply

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