August 26, 2015

The Story of my Demons. {Poem}

Paul Stevenson/Flickr  https://www.flickr.com/photos/pss/5098201846/in/photolist-56dRWh-6mC6Px-4HTtxg-6vLhpM-tS1W-8VqHp-8acUsq-eidNKi-7kNBzZ-9f7Yx8-7Fx4kT-o6UzSq-6qFpxD-AJcaU-7eLK2A-PaLva-98iRVT-8LvBMQ-66L296-8oYmLv-b4Xmvn-5WFMNh-6NCbVK-aAFXkX-71t7B7-aAJGfu-aAFXmF-sE899-a62xQU-xTn78-2hgDCg-6zsftT-6zsfot-6zwmau-6zwm8U-6zwm47-4D5L3o-aN95y-6hNQv2-ca35EQ-6VT13s-cbnpq-3QXWcQ-mscgKJ-2pU3Rw-3H5mBD-6rWY8g-6s26bN-6Vi6wY-a3Qrdg

We all have our fears, guilt and regrets—our pain and sorrows—and see them as our demons that keep us from being happy or sane.

These demons grow so heavy that it becomes unbearable and pushes us to the point of breaking.

At that point, no light at the end of the tunnel can be seen.

We fight what seem to be endless fights; we resist and fight even the changes life is trying to bring to us. But we fail to realize that we are not complete without our darkness—that only through our suffering can we grow.

We must embrace our fears, our pain and our guilt as part of who we are. To help grow and become a better person, we must let go of who we think we are and become what we are capable of being. Our demons are lessons in disguise that help us grow and become stronger.

Our body grows stronger only through physical suffering, by working out in different ways. We all know that in growing stronger pain is inevitable. Similarly, we can grow emotionally only if we conquer our fears, guilt and pain—without resisting, but rather learning and growing through them.

The Story of my Demons

Stood up tough and fought my fears,
one demon dies, next appears,
or is it the same? I’ve lost my count,
but once more it brings me down;
and on and on and on it goes,
until I realize it’s just a show,
for those demons are all parts of me.

I’ve embraced them, and now I’m free.
I thank life for the demons I know,
those are the ones that helped me grow,
and I just pray one day I’m wise,
to understand all lessons disguised.



Darkness, Meet the Light: The Perks of Mindfulness.


Author: Ashim Sharma

Assistant Editor: Carlotta Luis / Editor: Toby Israel

Photography: Flickr/PaulStevenson

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