August 23, 2015

The Yoga of Love: Saying “I Do.”


I walked barefooted, lost in the middle of a jungle somewhere in Costa Rica.

It was a beautiful summer day, the sunshine kissing my shoulders as I mindfully walked down a path leading me to where I would soon meet my love.

I arrived at a beautiful yoga studio.

Light wooden floors, the sunlight glimmering from a wall of windows that overlooked a valley where mountains stood strong and tall, seemingly untouched by the chaos we’ve created.

I was completely alone in this room, but I knew my love was close by.

I never thought I would marry so young. I never thought I would walk down the aisle barefooted. And I most definitely never thought I would be married this way.

Toe nails chipped with the remains of a glittery gold polish left on a few toes, my hair pulled back into a glamorous and sexy messy bun.  Wearing black leggings and a hot pink sports bra—I didn’t know that today would be my wedding day.

As music filled the air, my body began to move enchanted by the melodies, something was happening.

As my breath deepened my mind shut off, I left this space and entered into a union no man could ever create with me—yet.

I had already known I was falling in love, and today I would say “I do.”  

Somewhere in-between a downward dog and a warrior two I committed to these vows for life:


I vow to never leave you, I will always stay committed to you, to me, to us.

While I dance and play on this earth I will try not to cause any harm.

I promise to show up every day and live as truthfully and authentically as I can.

On days when I want to scream from the mountains with hate and anger I will breathe and remember the light you show within myself.

I am committed to finding the calm within the chaos,

I will always remember the beauty in this world, the beauty in us and celebrate it now as we know that nothing will last forever.

I will get lost in the places that fill my heart with joy.

I will welcome the storms and let them rain on us, so we can learn, then flourish and bloom while gazing at the rainbow in the distance.

I will remember this love, this bond we created and share this love with as many beings as I can.

I will love fiercely and honestly for whatever forever means.

You taught me how to set my own soul on fire,

You showed me that the sticks and the flint were hiding in my soul this whole time.

You gave me the tools to light myself up and fall completely head over heels with process.

As this continues and our bond grows strong, I will always remember the lessons you’ve taught me.

As those violent winds blew past us we became stronger and ever more close to that infinite love we always talked about having.

Your teachings have taught me that I am one with it all, with you, with the saints, with all beings and the earth.

Together we are one big chaotic mess of love, learning this process together.

You taught me to practice, patience over anxiousness, kindness over anger, and love over hate.

In loving you I have learned to love me.

You are my first marriage and commitment.

And now with my soul alive,

my heart on fire,

I can shine my light and help to light this world on fire.

Thank you yoga for showing me that all I’ve needed was to open my own heart, to live.


The music stopped.  My eyes fluttered open.  The mountains stood still as if nothing at all had changed.

But in my world everything had just changed.

I walked over to the windows and out onto the veranda, my eyes welled with tears.  I’ve been so lost in this illusion of everything I needed to be and everything I needed to do, when all I ever needed was to do nothing and everything at once.

There is no greater power than love, and no greater love than the love of yourself.

No stronger power exists than sharing this love with someone you love.

This is the real yoga.  This is the yoga we’ve all fallen in love with.


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Author: Kara Bezuko

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Images: Jocelyn Saurini-Flickr & Dennis Skley


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