August 25, 2015

Thieves—a Poem about Yoga’s 3rd Yama (Asteya or Non-Stealing).

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Yoga’s third yama—non-stealing (asteya), is usually associated with not stealing tangible objects from our neighbor.

Thieves is a poem that looks at intangibles like time and happiness and considers how we steal these subtle valuables from ourselves. The hours we spend wallowing in fear, anger and guilt wastes time, zaps our energy and prevents us from finding true happiness.

When we learn to listen to our inner wisdom and stop stealing from ourselves we will find a deep happiness that is the the world’s best treasure. Thieves tells a personal story of rising above fear, anger and guilt.

We call to Rama for strength and guidance as this journey is not for the meek of heart.


Happy, head down, back in a corner,
Married, the kids, the job in order,
Thoughts they’re swarming, is this mine?
Need to rewrite this black or white.

Thief in the night, this need is real.
Said don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal.
I’ve been robbing myself through this whole ordeal.
Don’t want what you want is real.

Fears the suspect, holds me frozen.
Daggers like anger, desires in motion.
Guilt was a filter, finding the moment.
Thieves for life, my destiny’s stolen.

Grabbed the light, more than an omen,
antidote to all this poison.
Give back joy for all the commotion,
man on fire, fire of devotion.

Afraid to change, scared to fail,
even though in my heart I knew this tale.
Thieves for life, all I played
tucked me in at night and kept me safe.

Down on my knees, called to Rama
sat silent with all the drama.
Took back courage, love and purpose
no longer promise, no longer hostage.

Grabbed the mic now I’m the rapper,
mind over matter, this moment captured.
Seat belt fastened, love on blast,
Gratitude. I will never be back

The mic in my hand don’t wait by chance
tell God your plans, by Ram you can,
take a stand, take my hand,
and blow the ash. Ram Bolo Ram we dance

Facin’ dreams, the thieves will holler
need to see whats’ in my heart.
Give me wings to fly not crawl,
show me free beyond the wall

Change or die became the motto,
stakes are high fight through sorrow,
one eye focused on the other side
Soldier of life, we still ride.

Fear is the greatest thief of our lives.
Take power back, take whats right,
Own your truth, spread your light
Grab the mic close my eyes,
give it up to Rama and dance!
Fear is the greatest thief of our lives.
Take power back, take whats right
Own your truth, spread your light
grab my mic close my eyes,
give it to the sky.

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Author: The Householders

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: used with permission by Yoga Bliss Photo


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