August 30, 2015

Unfurl Your Aching Wings & Soar. {Poem}


Change rises up like molten lava in your throat, so hot and fierce, so dangerous and beautiful.

You can’t swallow it down anymore.

You can’t fight it anymore.

You can’t lie to yourself anymore.

Life is pushing you forward.

Sighing deeply, looking down at the damp emerald grass, you see that your legs are paralyzed, glued in place, shaking with icy-cold currents of fear.

They won’t move; they can’t move.

You can’t move.

You’re stuck.

In an awkward fold of time between past and future—you’re no longer willing to be who you used to be, but you’re scared sh*tless to be who you really are.

Hunching over, you sob in desperate agony until you’re hot and breathless, sweaty with frustration, ready to just give up.

But then—you hear your heart beating.

She beats slowly at first, then wildly.

She sounds so sure of herself.

And for one tiny, stardust-laced second, you believe.

You believe in yourself.

You take a step.

A risk.

A leap.

You open up—just a little bit,

And magic happens.

Iridescent sparks fly from your body in all directions, fireworks of sacred, bright red intensity.

This is what you’ve been waiting lifetimes for.

Savor it.

In this moment of pure-spun bravery, you surrender to the harsh pulls of life.

No longer stuck in place, clarity trickles in like rain.

You see that staying numb and small and quietly miserable is no longer an option.

You see that tying back those precious wings that burn with longing for flight is no longer an option.

Life is pushing you forward.

Let it.

When change grabs you by the throat and breathes fire down your neck, melting every resistant pore of your exhausted being, welcome it.

Swallow your tears and let them become rubies

Guiding you like red flashlights through the dark caves of your heart

And when you’re ready, believe.

Believe in yourself.

Unfurl your aching wings

Look to the sapphire sky

Feel you heart’s wild, electric beats

And soar, beautiful soul,



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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Flickr

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Read 9 comments and reply

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