August 15, 2015

What it Takes to Live Our Dream Lives.

follow your dream

We hear it all the time: Live your dream.

But what does that mean, really?

Is living your dream the moment when possibility becomes probability? Not only is there mystery involved in living your dream, there is also irony.

It has a sort of mysterious quality to it.

There is a great debate, a dialogue, going on about waking up and staying asleep. There are vast chasms in opinion and sweeping judgements about those states of being.So, again I ask, what is it to live your dream?

Is “Live your dream” just a kitschy phrase that has been diluted by overuse?

If you really think about it, dreams are weird; even perverse at times. I have recently found that there is a lot of wisdom to be found in Disney sayings. So, is a dream a wish your heart makes?

What I know for certain is that we are all dreamers. Some people are better at alchemizing ethereal notions into physical reality better than others.

The key element to living your dreams—dare I say inspirations—is to remember you are both a vestal and a portal. You must decide what type of experiences you want to expose your senses to.

Danielle LaPorte refers to sensations that light you up as core desired feelings.

Another irony is that resistance is one of the most common and shared reactions to living one’s dream. Some people protect themselves by simply believing it is not possible that their inspirations are significant and therefore remain unrecognized. Others try but fail by letting disappointment get the best of them.

Strength is actually a fragile state. This too is an irony because strength is gained from breaking over an over until one simply breaks open.

The shattering creates an opening, many openings, for the light to shine through. But, no one ever in the history of being broken has enjoyed the feeling (okay maybe a handful are into that shit, but really who are those people?) In fact, as I said before, the first impulse that comes after being broken is resistance. In other words, “Fix it.”

It’s like if we don’t stick the landing the first time, it’s over. But, dreamers don’t give up. They keep on believing.

The reality of living your dreams often shows up as the approximation of the original inspiration. For instance, humans obsess over being rich. And most of us have to settle for the approximation of riches. In fact, some of us redefine wealth all together.

The notion of “success” measured through amassing of things is pervasive and also perverse.

Is that your dream? Do you want to be rich? And if so, why?

What about riches brings you peace? Don’t you know that in order to be rich you have to sacrifice?

Why do you think there are so many rich old white men? It’s because it takes about 50 years to get the hang of living and, after all that time, a lot of rich people are only good with numbers and objects.

But, they are not wealthy.

Wealth comes in the form of connections you make and the experiences that leave a legacy of love.

So, again I ask, what experiences do you want to expose your senses to? Do you want to be at peace? If so, how can you be a conduit for peaceful conditions?

You see, the reality of living your dreams is realizing that you are being dreamed. Some guiding force is working through you and if you are being broken, it is so that the vestal that is your body can become a portal. Get out of the way.

Become the things that inspire you. Embody the truth of what lights you up. The genie in Aladdin said it best, “Phenomenal cosmic powers, itty-bitty living space.”

You are the cosmos. And it is a pretty special event when you can squeeze the macrocosm into the microcosm and birth a new reality. Stand in the gap. Just fuck’n stand there. Listen to the wind in the trees.

Dreams are whispers. Reality is just a conversation about those whispers.

If you want to live your dreams it takes three things. First, decide you will. Second, get out of the way.

Lastly, believe it and receive it.

Live your dreams.


*This ARTicle is was channeled through me. Wow.




Author: Rebekah McClaskey

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Jason Howie at Flickr 

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