August 19, 2015

What Makes Us Beautiful?


Rumi said, “Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.”

I promise you, this is not just another article about beauty and what I have to say is a bit different from what you might have read elsewhere on the subject.

I think the obsession with beauty is part of the human condition. Can we agree on that?

First we think our hair, makeup and clothes constitutes our “beauty.”

Then some of us wise up a bit (although some of you I’m sure were born wiser) and we begin to realize that the qualities we express are what makes us beautiful.

So for instance, am I being loving right now? If so, that’s my beauty.

Am I being kind right now? If so, that’s my beauty.

I love that idea. Don’t you?

To be beautiful is to be a good person, a kind person and a loving person.

I think this perception is a wonderful principle to live by, and the world would be a better place if we become obsessed with that idea, no doubt. Agreed?

But there’s a whole other idea of beauty that exists and I want to share with you if you haven’t heard about it yet.

When I was about 14-years-old, I happened to attend a meditation class with my parents and learned meditation kind of by “accident.” I didn’t know back then, that I would find a regular meditation practice to be probably the most life changing choice I’ve ever made or that it would eventually change my ideas and experience of my own beauty slowly, but yet kind of suddenly, at the same time.

Like with most “mystical” experiences it’s not easy to describe. Meditation helped to reshape my ideas about beauty by giving me a new “experience” of the meaning of the word.

As I would sit to meditate and focus my mind within, I gradually became aware that I was having a new experience of a part of myself I could only describe as “something very beautiful and wonderful.” Then I continued to meditate over time and had more experiences of this part of me that was nothing short of mesmerizing to be quite honest. I mean, truly mesmerizing. Why?

Because it exudes a beauty I simple cannot put into words, even to this day.

During that time of initial discovery of the beauty inside me, I would excitedly email my awesome meditation teacher raving endlessly about what I was feeling inside for the first time. It was like finding a new treasure.

I was also quite shocked that I had found a part of myself that I could only describe as the most beautiful thing I’ve ever found in my life. It’s something I can’t see with my eyes or hear with my ears or touch with my hands. I can only feel it inside my inner being…in my spirit you could say…in the soul.

According to the yogis of India, this is the part of us that never changes, that exists within us all. Yep. Every single one of us. Now try to wrap your brain around this—they say it’s the part of us that we all share—the part that keeps us all connected that resides deep within and most of us are not even aware that it exists.

Hence the need for meditation. Make sense?

Just think about that for a second—the part that makes us all connected is the part that is beautiful beyond compare and exists equally beautiful deep inside every single one of us.

Doesn’t matter where you live.

Doesn’t matter what your job is.

Doesn’t matter how your makeup is done.

Doesn’t matter what flaws you think you may have in your appearance or even in your personality.

That part of you that is beautiful remains in you as part of you no matter what.

Can you see how finding that part of yourself could be a game changer?

Please by all means, don’t take my word for it or even the words of the yogis of India or anyone else for that matter who says this or something like it.

Feel free to start exploring inside your own being by developing a meditation practice or whatever else works for you until you can confirm that there is truth to what I’ve shared here.

If you do this, you’ll never think of “beauty” the same way again.

Comment below and share your experiences of appreciating your own true beauty!

Love to you all.

Stay beautiful, beautiful.


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Author: Devi Sawh

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Images:  AJU Photography-Flickr Michelangelo Carrieri-Flickr 


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