August 3, 2015

When we Tune In to our Intuition, Miracles Happen.

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I live in constant pain, due to a car accident.

It’s made me intensely aware of the moment—sometimes in a terrible way.

Still, I’ve committed to mindfulness—I try and stay present and heart-centered—in order to heal. And I’ve discovered something miraculous.

When we’re in sync with the marvelous rhythms of life—when we’re in our heart, centered and heart-centered—then we are in tune with the serendipity that is part of life.

From healing our bodies, minds and spirits, to helping and even saving others, or to simply celebrating the music of life on earth—we must stop trying to plan ahead, in order to allow ourselves to be fully in the moment.

When we listen to the little metronome of intuition inside us, and follow its rhythm—miracles happen.

I practice this all day, every day. I’m constantly asking myself, “What now?”

What does my heart want to do now? My gut? If the answer is forthcoming (and increasingly, it is) then I try not to allow my mind to “nay-say” or to kibosh—to otherwise undermine this wisdom from within.

For example, I may suddenly want to go to the park, but then think that doing so wouldn’t be productive, because maybe I should clean the bathroom instead, or whatever. I try not to listen to those thoughts and follow my instincts instead.

When I do, miracles happen.

The other day I was following my gut to a new part of my neighborhood. I kept coming to corners and making unexpected decisions in the direction I would walk, but I allowed my gut to take me where it wanted. Then, I felt I should slow down.

It’s a good thing I did.

A little boy, less than two-years-old, had gotten out of his house without his grandmother realizing. He was toddling at the top of a tall flight of concrete steps, totally unsupervised on a busy street, with strangers passing frequently.

If I hadn’t come by, he could have fallen, walked into the busy street, or worse—disappeared altogether. I quickly went to the bottom of the stairs to catch him if he fell, and prevented him from wandering off (which he really wanted to do).

That’s just one example. There are literally endless others. From insect eggs hatching on the exact day that the flowers they need to eat bloom, to running into an old friend that we haven’t met yet.

There’s a big difference between following our intuition and just being crazy impulsive. Everyone has places that we just have to be sometimes—things that we have to do. We all have obligations and schedules, goals and struggles. This isn’t an invitation to throw those things away, to let down the people who are counting on you or to sabotage your future.

Instead, simply listen. Tune in.

When you’re at that appointment that you felt uneasy about from the start, the one you didn’t really want to make, and it ends up being upsetting or hurtful—notice this. Acknowledge it, and learn from it.

When you’re at work and wish you could be at the beach—pay attention to whatever miracles are happening right now, at your office or place of work. They are happening. It’s easy to forget that, to get lost in the details of our plans and activities, to live our lives without really living them, moment to moment.

All of us want to live lives full of miracles. Some of us—like me, trying to recover from an injury that’s left me in constant agony for years—may feel that we need miracles.

Most importantly, we all deserve them. Every day.

We are built for this. We are part of this earth, with its never-ending coincidences upon which all life is based.

So make time in your life for miracles.

Set time aside to live in “no-time,” in the flow of life—in the eternal now that your heart longs for. All miraculous things happen in the moment. (This one! Right now!)

It feels so good to be able to stop worrying and second-guessing ourselves, and instead, believe—know—that we’re in the right place, doing the right thing!



Recognizing & Trusting Intuitive Guidance.


Author: Kathryn Hogan

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Hartwig HKD

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