August 6, 2015

When Your Arm Gets Tired from Throwing Stones. {Poem}


Come to me when your arm gets tired from throwing stones,
And the adrenaline burns from your dying embers.

Come to me when your heart is scarred from hating,
And the drying scabs just cry to be lifted.

Come to me when you need a friend to cradle your head,
And walk the maze of life ‘til it opens.

Come to me when you see water rolls downhill,
And all of it is carried to the ocean,

That love conquers hate because it far more binding,
That fighting injustice can mean looking inside,
That making love can be a healing from war,
That setting the world on fire means alighting your own heart,
That the greatest revolutions come quietly in the night,
That the truly courageous make no exceptions for friends,
That persistence is key to pushing a boulder uphill
And the hard work comes before it all just crashes down.

Let me caress your wounds before jumping in the fire.
Let me beat my head on your wall until it shatters.
Let me liquify your minds and watch the crystals grow.
Let me annihilate your theories as our hearts overflow.

Before us is a world, crying to be loved.
Let’s wrap our heads ’round this big blue marble,
And join our hands as we breathe the sublime.

There is a taste to justice, like the colors of a rainbow.
It is the flavor of lovemaking in the vast unknowns,
And of crying the sea in which we long to swim.

A finger traced along the spine can unlock the universe.
It opens the dam, unleashes the flood, rolls through the valleys,
And smiles like a lover in ecstasy.

We are building a cathedral to stand a millennium.
Let us consecrate the stones with love
And seal our mortars with a kiss.


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Author: Theo Horesh

Editor: Travis May

Image: Wikimedia

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