August 10, 2015

Why it’s Socially Unacceptable to do Anything. {Video}

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Everyone has that friend that has radical opinions on a few subjects.

Maybe it’s their refusal to buy clothing made in China. Perhaps they are a staunch follower of politics, which clutters our facebook newsfeed frequently with tireless debates.

And just maybe that person is ourself.

Regardless, it’s hard to go anywhere or engage in conversation without at least a few of the topics in this video sprouting up, making living increasingly difficult with all of the tip-toeing we have to do around the broken egg shells.

Sometimes, we just have to step back, calm down and laugh at how it is nearly impossible to like anything nowadays.

Take off the fedora and put down the french fries before watching this hilariously hyperbolic (yet kind of accurate) video:



Author: Amanda Volponi

Image: Screenshot

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