August 17, 2015

Why Sickness Can Be a Signal to Change Course.

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I was so p*ssed.

Another cold, the third in six months.

Then there goes my back—why was it tweaked, again?

It seemed like my body was betraying me. In the moments I needed it to do what it was supposed to do (you know, operate at optimal capacity no matter what I did to it or what I put inside of it), it was going in an entirely different, more painful direction.

I had recently begun a new relationship and my body seemed to be screaming at me ever since it began. I couldn’t “figure it out” as—we’ll call him Dan—seemed like a great catch. Incredibly handsome, super smart, good with money. We wanted all of the same things.

But something deep within was alerting me in mega-watt style.

So, I had a choice: I could keep trying to force my body to “heal”—going to doctors and healers galore—or I could shut-up, get quiet and listen.

Turns out, my body wanted me to know that Dan was not the right man for me. I could keep pushing on or I could honor this deeper wisdom and let him go.

It took me a couple of months, but once I opened to the possibility that there was not something actually wrong with my body—that, instead, my body was trying to save me from greater harm and pain—things became very clear.

I knew with certainty that my body was right.

That was over five years ago, and it’s a powerful lesson that I follow every day.

I have learned that in certain areas of my life where I have blind spots, my body will give me the messages I need by communicating through “symptoms” of dis-ease.

I know now that a cold isn’t just a cold—I even had an ovarian cystic tumor show up and it had some serious messages for me. I had it surgically removed as instructed by my doctor and then I set out to understand why in the world my body would go to all of that trouble to get a message to me that I clearly was not getting any other way.

The Soul communicates through the body, and the body is like a tuning fork to guide and direct us towards our highest and best purpose.

Our bodies are vehicles for our souls. Sometimes we are unable to receive these important messages through synchronicities or that inner whisper and knowing within.

Then, the body will make sure we get the message one way or the other.


To guide us towards our greater purpose. Each of us carries within us a reason for being, a reason that makes not only our life more joyous and abundant but enhances the lives of all we encounter, thus rippling through the world.

I believe that when our bodies get sick, it is a way that our bodies communicate deeper wisdom—usually pushing us to take a necessary action step.

Below are some tips for how to listen with more clarity to the messages coming from your physical body:

• Spend more time being quiet with your body. Sit for 11 minutes every day in silence, focusing on your breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling out the mouth.
• Set the intention to receive the message(s) your body is trying to give you. Open yourself up—you can visualize your heart and mind opening to the deeper message that wants to be communicated.
• Notice that still, small whisper within. If you had to guess what the message was that your body was trying to give you through this dis-ease—what would you guess it to be? Does that answer feel heavy in your body? Or does it feel light? If it feels light that means you’ve received the message!
• Ask out loud for your connection to Higher Consciousness to show you with total clarity what your body is asking for, what it needs and what actions it wants you to take so that it can come back into its natural state of well-being.

We can’t necessarily prevent sickness, but tuning into our body can help us stay more balanced and healthy in the long run. Listening to our body’s wisdom—in sickness and in health—allows us to deepen our connection to who you truly are and our purpose for being.

So, how will you listen to your body today?




How Your Mind Affects Your Body.




Author: Heather Strang

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: sleepyjeanie at Flickr 





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