September 12, 2015

Amazing Grace Turns More Amazing.


divine feminine

When my girlfriend shared this inspiring video on my Facebook wall I knew it was one that many needed to experience.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves questioning our purpose in life, what we want to do, or need to do, with our lives, that which will bring us deep fulfillment, and for some, divine purpose, or as Buddhists refer to it, one’s dharma.

This video addresses the why behind the what in regards to what we do and even offers a powerful and beautiful example of how the shift takes place. The energy or impact surrounding what we are doing becomes an even more powerful and meaningful experience for us and others.

So when pondering your purpose in life, instead of focusing on the what , focus on the why of what we do, and when that shift in perspective happens we too can change our own Amazing Grace into something even more amazing!




Prajna: Our Greatest Ally & Inner Guide.


Author: Krista Katrovas

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Tanveer Iqbal


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