September 9, 2015

The Light We Create. {Poem}



Author’s note: Go ahead and copy and paste this to your lover. Right now.


On the darkest night I roll over.

I can’t see you, but your scent reminds me I’m not alone.

You reach over and rest your hand on my side.

Your touch is magic on my skin.

We move closer until we feel like one.

The energy of us flows through me and I melt into you.

All tension fades away in these moments.

We are greater than the sum of everything else.

Together, our issues and problems are insignificant.

The room is completely dark, but all I see and feel is the light we create.





When a Goddess Wants You. {Poem} {Adult}

She Needed More.



Author: Celeste Shea

Apprentice Editor: Taija Jackson / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Pixabay 

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