September 25, 2015

When We Lose Someone We Never Lose their Love.


Nothing hits as hard as grief.

It stomps all over us, kicking us in the gut, forcing us to gasp for breath. It unexpectedly breaks invisible bones and forces its way through ribcages to crack the lining of our tender hearts.

Grief cuts deep and forces us to bleed. It is a cruel and treacherous opponent. We want to follow it. Trace its steps. Hunt it down and persecute it.

Although we are weakened, we want to sneak up on grief to fight back and drag it from where it is hiding.

But what we must remember is that grief is a powerful wave that takes no hostages. However, love is our ally and something that can never be lost. When grief pulls at us, love flows straight back towards us.

Love is all we need by our side. What we need to seek out. Love is the one thing that heals all painful wounds.

Grief is just the heavy price we pay in exchange for having known the privilege of love.

Grief is not the only thing that is left behind when we suffer from loss. Love holds grief’s hand.

It is not possible to lose love when we lose a loved one.

Love remains strong.

Love is a soothing but sometimes painful reminder of what was.

Love just simply cannot and will not disappear.

Whenever we lose a person there is still a pathway that leads us back to their love.

Love is energy. Its particles entangle and exist within us and run through us. Love also floats in the universe. It has no beginning, no end.

These entanglements of love can never be undone. They are locked together, everlasting, guided and safeguarded by the moon’s nightlight, glistening under the glow of the sun. They fly through the sky, on the back of shooting stars, dancing to the beat of stranded hearts.

A love that has been shared never unravels.

The person connected to the love may be gone but the memories of that love become timeless and a precious treasure for us to hold dear.

Loss leaves heartache behind and alters things but time won’t ever undo the fragments of love that have intertwined. It just isn’t possible.

We may never feel an embrace, hear their spoken word, or see a face aging over time. But we will never forget the feeling of someone’s presence.

The essence of a person never dies. The gratitude felt for knowing them, the honour to have shared moments and the impressions they imprinted on us shine bright when the voice of darkness calls.

White noise is where whispers are heard. The quietness that rings loud is a space to piece together thoughts.

Like a patchwork blanket everything we remember can be carefully stitched to hold memories tight.

No one can touch, tear or steal that blanket. It will forever be intact to tuck us in and bring comfort during the cold, bleak and stormy nights ahead.

Love and our memories are always knitted and close by.

Love lives on to fill voids and close gaps when emptiness is felt.

We can struggle, beat the ground and tears can erupt like volcanoes, though, it will all be in vain. Battles are futile. Love does not desert us. It has seen our best and our worst and still never asks if it can leave.

We cannot escape the fact that we must let go of some people, but we are only letting go of the physical. We need never let go of the vibrations felt and created through shared love.

We may have questions left unanswered and mysteries to resolve, but, if we listen to the sound of love we can find all the answers we need.

The wind blows hard against us to remind us to breathe, to help us to let go and to forgive. And despite how much we crumble, it will embrace us and hold us tight if we forget that love is there.

Love stays around to swap places with the trauma and pain caused by grief.

Love is endless. No one can take it away. It is part of who we are and will forever orbit us.

Love is the tribute left behind to commemorate and celebrate love.

Whatever exists in the mind is more real than what exists outside of it.

Everyone is just a single thought away. Shared love never dies.

“Our memory allows us to hold all the things close we never want to lose.” ~ Author unknown



The Gut-Wrenching Feeling of Guilt that Sits with Grief.


Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Images: Flickr/Dominic Robinson

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