October 14, 2015

A Simple Namaste Will Do.

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My mom recently went to a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico. Coming back bronzed and giggly, she seemed more relaxed than she had in ages. She got to swim in the ocean, see baby turtles hatching (actually hatching) and soak in a mud bath.

Her retreat was heaven on earth.

Before she left, she sent a universal plea to lose four pounds. And with morning, noon and night sessions, she did just that. She didn’t need to, though; my mom was already in incredible shape. She goes to yoga constantly, at least four or five times a week. Sporting coveted leg definition, she has an enviable body for a 53-year-old.

Bravo to the regulars—those of you who set your alarm early just so you can go to a class before work, who string your mats across your backs and promise yourself that no matter how tired you are, you are going. Here’s to my beautiful friend Lily trekking a mile in the snow to contort herself into crow’s pose at 10 at night, and to my mom going on a retreat with three classes a day.

You are all warriors.

Looking down at my dimply thighs, I think how I should aspire to go to more classes. Yet, I am just irregular. I go to yoga when I am feeling particularly energetic, or when I desperately need to settle my mind. It’s definitely not every day—it’s not even weekly.  

Nevertheless, I am just as much an active yogi. I implement my practice daily. Whether I am in the car listening to a favorite song or taking a particularly delicious bite of food, I continue my practice.

It’s the silent thank you I send to the world—my thanks that I am alive, my thanks for all of the good in the world, my thanks for this and that and everything in between.


Yoga teaches us to take that moment to send love out with all our heart. If we take that moment, our practice is thriving; the journey continues. If you’ve skipped a class recently or haven’t been in a month, don’t beat yourself up for it. You are beautiful, and there is love in your heart. Send out a small contribution and know that you have continued your practice.

You are a warrior.

My thighs may be dimply, but I am not ashamed. I am alive and well, and love courses through my being.

I do not need to be in a studio today; a simple namaste will do.


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Author: Brittany Ann Bandemer

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Kyle Pearce/Flickr


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