October 27, 2015

Can we All be Psychic?

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*Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!

It is possible that we can all be psychic.

We are all interconnected, so we can tune in and pick up energy and information from others if we dare to do so. We all have some level of intuition and it can be developed over time.

Over the years I have had a lot of contact with other professionals in the astrology industry and found certain astro signs are often more talented than others in certain areas.

Here is a general report of my findings about which star signs make the best psychics and astrologers.

Please don’t take this literally, as it is extremely important to look at our whole natal chart to really see in-depth talents, but this article may help us find our path in the esoteric industry.

Often those with certain star signs, who may not be naturally gifted but who work really hard at developing their craft, excel at being professional psychics, astrologers, healers and channels. Hard work, dedication, empathy and a general willingness to guide, help and enlighten people are all great qualities to have.

I always like to remember—there is no competition in spirt!

We are all given our own audience and attract our own clients. Not all clients are for everyone and not all psychics are for everyone. Each person resonates differently and attracts their own connections. This is a general overview of where certain star signs excel in the esoteric arts.

Psychic or esoteric gifts based on your Sun Sign or Astro Sign.

It also good to check your rising sign or ascendant and moon sign as well as your sun sign.

Aries—Aries are generally great at astrology and life coaching. Their gifts, in the psychic realm, are more into mediumship than general psychic ability, as they like to go over the edge and delve into things that have an intriguing nature. The Aries I have known in the industry, have been ghost busters, mediums and astrologers. They like to tell people how to direct their lives and they are usually good at life coaching. They are also talented writers, as they are detailed oriented and can get it all down on paper quickly.

Direction (or advice)—Aries, use your passionate nature and your sense of self to uplift others as well as point your focus in the direction you wish to go, learn and conquer.

Famous Aries—Lada Duncheva, Susan Miller, Linda Goodman, Denise Linn.

Taurus—Taurus is best suited for anything dealing with the body. Healing and doing any sort of body work would suit Taurus. I haven’t met many people born under the sign of Taurus who have been psychic but it doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Taurus is great at massage, pressure points and anything to do with aromatherapy and perfumed oils. They can concoct products to assist the industry like candles, oils, art and designing of products.

Direction—Be creative and let your imagination run wild. Use your senses (colours, scents, tastes, touch and sounds) to unlock your unique talents.

Famous Taurus—Doreen Virtue, Dr Wayne Dyer, Simon Turnbull.

Gemini—Gemini is often naturally psychic and has the gift of picking up information in a mercurial way. This is like an antenna that goes out into the ethers and is open to energy and information. Gemini sun signs often don’t believe in their ability to be psychic and are often surprised when they predict things. Gemini is great at working as a phone psychic or long sessions of talking to people as well as teaching different modalities. They usually don’t get too exhausted when talking for long periods of time, they have the gift of the gab and love explaining things. They may also be good at solving cold cases or working with police. They can also be talented at writing if they put their mind to it and focus on one thing for long enough.

Direction—Focus on one thing at a time and if it doesn’t stick, feel right or bores you then go onto a different topic like Palmistry, Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball or Mediumship.

Famous Gemini—Lisa Williams, Joyce Keller.

Cancer—Cancer sun signs are often naturally gifted psychics and mediums. They tend to sense things through their stomach and can be clairsentient as well as clairvoyant. If they learn how to manage their emotions and not project their own issues onto clients, then they are one of the best in the industry at getting clear predictions and messages. They can give motherly advice or be seen as a mother figure or guru in what they do. They are known as the good mother to many people and can often replace dysfunctional mothers or assist in healing people who have had difficult childhoods. This goes for the male Cancer as well.

Direction—When tuning into friends or people you are helping, try to detach your own issues and situations from the subject at hand. Be open minded to other people’s choices and directions.

Famous Cancer—Athena Star Woman, Amira Celon, Mystic Meg, Colette Baron-Reid, Jessica Adams, Gordon Smith.

Leo—Leo is not a traditional sign for a psychic, even though one of my best friends in the industry was a gifted psychic. The Leo sun signs I have met in the industry were healers and practitioners of something more with a hands on approach like Reiki. They are creative, so they can be drawn to working with art and doing aura drawings, crystal art, paintings of a spiritual nature or working with color therapy like Aura Soma or something more unusual like rune stones readings. Leo sun signs have a great ability to make a reading entertaining and intriguing. They work well on television and performing on stage.

Direction—Allow your inner guidance to find the best platform for you. Your platform should be to an audience whether it is a public or private group, an online audience or blog, television or radio. Put yourself in front of people to test your gifts starting off as small or big as you feel comfortable with and you will find your confidence will grow.

Famous Leo—Miss Cleo, Anatoly Kashpirovsky, Nina Kulagina.

Virgo—Virgo sun signs are often good at helping people—that is their gift and passion. Whatever modality they study, they will perfect the craft. Virgo sun signs are natural earth goddesses and healers. They can be channelled healers as well as psycho-therapists, angel card readers or whatever modality they choose to learn. Virgo sun signs are great teachers of anything they have mastered themselves. They could be interested in Wiccan or making spells and potions.

Direction—Avoid studying too many things for too long without being able to practice your gifts. The eternal student syndrome may keep your stuck in a learning pattern where your gift is teaching and sharing your knowledge. Write down your goals and check them off your list as they are accomplished.

Famous Virgo—Liz Greene, Sally Morgan, Leah Bond, Iyanla Vanzant.

Libra—Libra sun signs often know their content well and have studied, in detail, all types of things when they have an interest in the esoteric arts. I have known many gifted Libra sun signs who have had a great handle on astrology, numerology, Tarot Readings, Angel Cards and feng shui. Sometimes their psychic gifts are not as strong as some other signs but their knowledge and willingness to help people override any deficiency. Mediumship and getting into the public eye are their strong points.

Direction—Try to be as honest as possible with your messages for people and not lean toward pleasing people or telling people what you think they want to hear. Networking is beneficial for you and through friends and groups you will see your development grow quickly.

Famous Libra—John Edward, Silvia Brown, Theresa Caputo.

Scorpio—Scorpio sun signs are deep and love the esoteric arts. They can lean more toward psycho therapy and mediumship studies. They have to be careful not to get carried away with any dark energy. If they keep themselves in the light and in a positive frame of mind, they can be one of the most gifted signs for predictions, visions and guidance, as it comes only from a position of heart felt sincerity. They can be brutally honest and straight to the point. They could work well solving mysteries and crimes and uncovering anything hidden, that needs to be brought to light. Many Scorpio sun signs don’t like to be in the limelight, so many of them work behind the scenes and could be your favorite street corner psychic or spiritualist church medium. Some of the best mediums I have met haven’t been at all famous but have been teachers and healers and offer their service to the community.

Direction—You have many amazing talents to bring to light, so put yourself out there as much as you can to practice your gifts. By throwing yourself into it ,you will find that you excel at a pace that will surprise many, including yourself. Don’t hide or keep things all to yourself.

Famous Scorpio—Dr Brian Weiss, Deepak Chopra.

Sagittarius—Sagittarius sun signs can be some of the best healers and teachers in the occult or healing modalities. They are great meditation teachers and sound vibration healers, like the gong bath or crystal healing bowls. They may also write songs and play a musical instrument, to create an atmosphere that lends itself to the esoteric arts. Some Sagittarius sun signs I have known, have been gifted psychics and gifted at card readings.

Direction—Remember you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You are you own critic and you don’t have to worry about what you put out there. It is all good. Allow your dynamic energy to shine and it will attract people who appreciate your light.

Famous Sagittarius—Amanda Hall, Jonathan Cainer, Caroline Myss, John Holland.

Capricorn—Capricorn sun signs are not the most gifted psychic, normally, but having said that, they often come into the industry through great inner work they have done themselves. They are great teachers and gifted at any modality, especially later in their lives. They are often good at working with health related topics or predictions to do with stock markets and business. They come into their own during their mature years.

Direction—Meditation with action is the best thing for you to prepare yourself for any gift. Allow yourself to slowly feel comfortable with what you choose to practice then after you feel like you have mastered it you will be able to establish yourself easily, even from a business point of view.

Famous Capricorn—Jeane Dixon.

Aquarius—Aquarian sun signs love dabbling in many different realms of the esoteric arts. They are often good at astrology, as Aquarius rules astrology or have a fascination with it. Having a compassionate nature, they love helping people and animals and could be pet psychics or animal healers. If they go into the industry, they usually lead an alternative lifestyle, that looks the part and fits with all practices. When I think of Aquarius I think of incense smoke wafting around. The Aquarian sun signs I have known have been great at smudging with sage or removing energy from people’s homes as well as healing and mediumship.

Direction—Explore different like minded groups and the ones that fit best, keep going to them. Learning through participation and community is something that will really light your fire. Social discussions and forums are great for you to explore your potential.

Famous Aquarius—Allison DuBois, Russell Grant, Stacey DeMarco.

Pisces—Pisces sun signs are the oldest soul, in astrological terms. They have a depth to their soul, that if harnessed, can channel or be a vortex of any modality. More often, they have a psychic nature. Naturally gifted, you will find Pisces sun signs working many years in the industry and often right up until they can’t work any more. They love being of service and have a genuine compassion for humanity. They may go on personal journeys to foreign places like India and stay for long periods of time exploring and evolving their gifts.

Direction—Keeping yourself focused on your time and energy and how much you are using or giving away, is quite important. Allow time for yourself, to regenerate your power and energy. Using candles, burning sage smudge sticks and having baths with essential oils and salts are great for removing any heavy energy.

Famous Pisces—Walter Mercado, Edgar Cayce, Kelley Rosano, Rudolf Steiner, Esther Hicks.

So what psychic are you? Feel free to comment below.



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Author: Amira Celon

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of Andrew Wyatt

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