October 2, 2015

How my Favorite Chakra could Help Heal the World.


Having a favorite chakra is kind of like choosing a favorite child.

Of course we love them all.

They are ours and they are with us forever, but sometimes there is one that just really stands out to us—that we love and admire more then we can express in words.

This is how I feel about the root chakra.

The root chakra is so earthy and practical; I just adore spending time with it.

It keeps me alive and helps me to feel safe in the world. How could I not love it?

Being intentionally aware of the root chakra reminds me not only that I need to spend time in nature, but also that I am nature.

That nature and I are one and the same.

The root chakra is our connection to the earth.

All of our essential needs—basically oxygen and soil nutrients—come from the earth. These are the basics of being alive.

As a die-hard environmentalist, I know that the only way for us to continue living on this planet is to collectively make the shift to respecting that all human needs are earth-based.

Healing our global root chakra seems like such a great route to healing our planetary concerns, because the only way we are going to heal the earth is to make different decisions.

Right now, our ideas about how to live on planet Earth are all about me, me, me.

We are all rushing around scared, trying to get our own personal needs met.

But when we are grounded through the root chakra—to earth itself—we feel safe and secure, and we can calm down and be more still, less agitated and more at peace wherever we happen to be.

That means less driving, less flying and less consuming of things we don’t need.

When we have a healthy root chakra, we crave time in nature and time with people we love, and we like to garden and grow food. We like to be less busy and have more down time.

If everyone would become less busy, have more down time and grow a garden, the environment would benefit, our health would benefit and we would remember that we aren’t visitors to the natural world, but rather we are the natural world itself.




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Author: Ruth Lera

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: omnos/Flickr


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