October 23, 2015

I Write Because I Have to. {Poem}

Photo courtesy of author. Credit: @karolinagnat

When life feels so damn heavy
When my heart aches more then I can bear

When I feel wildly lost or utterly alone
When the gray clouds of sadness take over

I write.

It takes me through
Deep within
The pain
The hurt
The sorrow
As well as the joy

It weaves my current experience
Into every cell of my being

When I write
When I put that pen to paper

My mind slows
My breath slows
My heartbeat slows

As if suspended in time…

No projections into the future
No reliving moments in the past

I am here
In this moment
With these words

These words that take on meaning
When strung together
In a particular order

Expressing whatever I am feeling
Even when I’m not quite sure what that is

When I write
It all becomes okay

Like the breath in yoga
A mantra in meditation

The pen is my anchor
To each and every moment

When I write
The words come not from me
but through me

Bypassing resistance
Permeating from my soul

I write
Because I have to

With each letter
And each word
It takes my attention inward
A journey, taking me a little bit closer home.



Why We Must Write. {Poem Included}


Author: Alexa Torontow

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: karolinagnat, used with permission.



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