October 29, 2015

Memo to the Universe: I Have a Request.

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I’m not against actively manifesting what we want.

But, with haphazard results over the years, I’ve shifted more into an allowing state of mind. It’s easier to be at peace and accept what is when I’m not hell-bent on creating a very specific outcome that simply refuses to occur.

Being unable to manifest much of what I’d like has been an important lesson in detachment—in letting go of needing to control what happens in my life. (Like that’s possible, right?)

So, these days, I prefer to surrender to a greater plan, one I can’t see, and do my best to trust that I’ll be happy enough—maybe even delighted—with the end result.

But what I’d prefer and what is aren’t always aligned, and that includes my desire to allow, go with the flow and surrender.

Some days it’s bloody hard to remain detached from what I’d like to happen and accept with ease that what is happening is for my highest good in the long run.

Some days, I just want what I bloody well want.

And for the longest time, I’ve been wanting a break on the work front. So now, with the full moon keeping me awake tonight, I have been inspired to put in a special request to the Universe:

Infinite Spirit,

Please bring about a change, either in me or in my work situation. (Preferably, in my work situation.)

Please shift things about so that the work that I enjoy doing—currently for free, or very low pay—suddenly becomes my main source of income.

Please change things so that I can move away from doing work that does not make my heart sing, just so I can pay the bills.

Please bring about a shift whereby I find myself doing work that sustains me materially while also nurturing my heart and soul.

In my head, I have a few fixed ideas of how such a new, improved work situation might look. But I recognize that’s my ego at play, and I want to be true to the surrendering process.

So, if it’s the case that what I want on the work front is not the right move for me or others involved at this time, then please create the shift in me. Please help me to discover joy in the paying work I currently perform, so that I can willingly attract more of that, instead of seeking something new.

Or, if I am meant to go in a whole new direction—something so different and unexpected that I can’t envisage it right now—please help me to be open-minded about all opportunities that come my way. I can be closed to these prospects because they don’t fit my fixed ideas of where I should be going or what I should be doing.

Please help me to be open.

Please help me on the days when I struggle to detach from my desires. 

But most of all, whether the shift comes internally or externally, please do bring it about!

I will wait, with curiosity, while you process my request. But please, don’t take too long. 

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

This Infinite Being who keeps forgetting how limitless she really is.



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Author: Hilda Carroll

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Pixoto // Greg Rokozy/Unsplash


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