October 27, 2015

Rest Here for a Minute. {Poem}


Relax your shoulders
Release your jaw
Allow your gaze
To sweetly soften

Allow the earth below
To hold you up
Allow the support
To gently have you

Wherever you are
Whenever you need

With each exhale
Let go a little more
With each inhale
Trust that you are held

Release any conscious control
Of your breath
And allow the breath
To breathe you

Let go of any effort
Of any tension

Allowing the sense of doing
To shift into that of being

Allow each effortless exhale
To bring you a little bit deeper

Into yourself
Into the earth
Into the support
That so lovingly holds you

That is always there
When life gets busy

Or when it feels as if
The ground is crumbling
Beneath your toes

Allow everything to be as it is

The sounds
The sensations
Both inner and outer

Allow your whole body to soften
Feel how strongly you are held

Wherever you are
Whenever you need

Let your bones to get heavy
And the breath be full

Sweetly surrender
Any worries
Any fears
Any last bits of tension
To gravity

Allow yourself to be held
In its warm embrace

The more you soften
The more you trust
The more you let go
The more strongly you can feel
That eternal connection

The more you listen
The more you clearly you can hear
Its sweet whispering reminder

It’s okay to rest here

You are safe
You are loved
You are so strongly held

It’s okay to just be

For as long as you want
For as long as you need.


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Author: Alexa Torontow

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Used with permission from @shawnraeyoga

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Read 3 comments and reply

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