October 14, 2015

Sacred Sex. {Adult}



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The word “sex” itself is loaded with the cultural context one lives in, the shadows of one’s family of origin and one’s past experiences.

For many, sex is cloaked in shame. For others, it is simply an act to release pent-up energy.

For few, sex is a divine expression—recognition of the divine in self and other.

If you believe, as I do, that we are all individual expressions of the Divine in human form, then you make an intentional effort to see the divine in everyone. You consciously choose to see each person you encounter as a unique expression of Source on Earth.

Each person is—as you are—god made flesh. You are a soul inhabiting a body, as is each person you encounter.

When you are having sex with your partner, you are not just engaging in a physical release with another human. On a deeper level, you are two souls entwined.

You see, your body is a temple, housing the divine. When you choose to give your body to another, you are allowing them access to the depths of your temple.

There are theories that religious texts describe the vagina and the act of intercourse as one of the deepest forms of worship. In many historical religious and spiritual ceremonies, sexuality was one way in which to guarantee prosperity and blessings for the land.

The next time you are with your partner, make an effort to honor the divine in them (and in yourself) by making your sexual expression sacred. Don’t rush through to the climax, but take some time to bask in the moment. As they shed their clothing, pause and see the courage and vulnerability that is required to stand naked before you.

Surrender to one another in total trust, and ride the waves of bliss as they come.

When you look into your partner’s eyes, know that you are looking into the eyes of god and that they are as well. Allow the sexual energy to move through you—to ignite you—and allow ego to die. Release all the thoughts of who you should be, who you think you need to be, and become that which is.

Allow your lovemaking to be an act of worship. When you kneel between the legs of your partner, realize that you are bowing before the divine. As you enter the temple of your lover, know that you are physically merging with the holiest of places. When your partner rises up to meet you with his erection, honor the expression of his masculine energy and allow it to pierce through to the deepest parts of who you are.

Slow down. Don’t be in such a rush. Breathe.

Be present in the moment as you give yourself over to your lover in deep surrender and experience transcendence. Heaven and Earth blur, becoming one, and you are transported to the highest of holy mountains.



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Author: Lisa Vallejos, PhD

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Hartwig HKD/Flickr


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