October 29, 2015

The Magic of the Moon: Re-Awakening. {Poem}


The magic of the moon, as it lights bright this whole room—
In through the window and onto the face of a young girl, who is so misplaced.

“Glowing moon, will you help me?” She questions the sky in vain.
She needs some kind of guardian to help her with her pain.

The moon light just shines brighter,
with each trickle down her face.
She wishes for a saviour but looks at herself in disgrace.

How could she let it come to this?
This life which should be held so dear,
to let it sit and go to waste—
Almost wishing for it to disappear.

“The light is but your guardian, in your darkest times of need,
Listen to your inner voice, she feels all that she hears…

The tides will help you wash away, the pain and all the tears,
the ocean is your cleansing bath, whenever you should need.
The sunshine is here to warm your heart and find your brightest smile,
the rain is here to show you, how we must all let things fall by.

The earth is here to help you,
all you need to do is breathe—
Listen to your inner voice,
she is waiting to be free.

You know your soul, you heard her once
and triumphant she must be—
Though to let her in means finding peace, within your inner three.

Your heart, your soul and mind—are who you are to be,
Your inner fearless warrior,
your whole perfect state of being.”

She sat silently and stared awhile,
at the moon in the dark sky,
Words like water flowing through her—
She sighed and heaved and cried.

She thought she had no answers, she thought that she was lost—
But on this bright, moon filled night,
she feels a path’s been crossed.

For she hadn’t written a rhyme in years,
too long ago to count—
but on this beautiful starry night,
her soul began to bounce.

She’s woken up an inner voice, she feels it in her heart,
her mind begins to wonder—is this a fresh, new start?

It’s all within ourselves you see, to remind us who we are—
Our powers were birthed long ago, we’ve just forgotten where they are.



Into the Mind of a Seeker during a Full Moon Meditation. {Poem}


Author: Rachael Claire Zadro

Apprentice Editor: Cecilia Vinkel/Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Alan L


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Read 2 comments and reply

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