October 29, 2015

The Point of the Pain.

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Precious one, your broken heart isn’t weakness. It takes strength to bare enough of it to break.

I know you can’t let go. But will you think about this for a moment? That you’re not holding on to what you think you are. No person, no magical night, no whiz bang moment under foreign stars and no “till death do us part” will get close to what you really seek.

You see, you’re holding on to a ticket. A free pass. A shortcut. Except it’s not. You’re actually holding on to the hope of living happily and at peace. But you’ve made someone, some thing, some romance, your ticket to enlightenment. A shortcut to yourself.

What you seek is inside of you.

“Why, then, does it hurt so much? What’s the point of the pain?”

The point of the pain is to learn to love again.

You have depth beyond your comprehension. You have rivers of joy cascading through your heart that you haven’t found yet. You have storms and waves inside of you that you must not tame as the world will tell you to.

Rather you must make peace with them and let them roar. You must know what it is to lose yourself and how much that hurts so that you will treasure yourself. You have to learn how to be responsible for your own happiness and fulfillment and not place your hope in another. You can not ask that of another for they can not truly give it.

Yet you are a beautifully stubborn human and you will not learn these things, these things that will lead you to ecstasy, unless you feel the pain of your lack.

You are broken so you may see where you have neglected yourself.

You are empty so you may find what you want to fill yourself with.

You are lonely so you have time and space to learn to love yourself.

The point of the pain, precious one, is that you are loved more than you know.

You deserve everything you dream of.

Trust me.


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Author: Andy Charrington

Editor: Travis May

Images: Flickr/Sean McGrath


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