October 29, 2015

To My Best Friends.

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You know what’s funny? Of course you do.

We can ramble off more than 100 funny things, and no less than 99 percent will only be funny to us. What’s more, it’s funny that you’re not technically my “significant other,” since you know more than any therapist, doctor or “significant other” will ever want to know.

Everyone has something that they deem TMI—everyone but us. And due to our complete and utter lack of boundaries, there are things that I can say to you and ask of you that anyone else would consider bizarre, ridiculous or batsh*t crazy.

You might not agree with them, but you still accept me without question or judgment.

You may be the only one that sees and hears me completely—raw, unfiltered, unhinged—and you haven’t had me committed or imprisoned (yet). You even willingly hang out with me. That’s pretty damn significant. In fact, that might be the most significant thing one person can do for another, to see them mentally, emotionally, psychically and probably once or twice physically stripped bare and say, “Yeah, I still like you.”

You are literally my everything: my nurse, my therapist, my coach, my stylist, my “I can do your hair!” and “It’ll grow back.” You’re my “Just tell me what you need,” and my “I’m on my way.” You are my voice of reason and my voice devoid of reason—whichever one I need to hear at that moment.

You are part of my best day and my worst day.

The word significant isn’t significant enough. You are simply and profoundly my wherever, however, whenever, whatever.

Your Whatever You Ever Need


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Author: Jenny Spitzer

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Pixabay // justine-reyes/Flickr


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