October 18, 2015

To my Heart: You Got it All Wrong.



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I know that you’re tired. You’ve been put through the ringer.

You’ve been terrifically high and desperately low.

Incredibly excited.

Profoundly disappointed.

At times you are angry. You blame things, circumstances, other people, yourself for not being gentle enough with you—a fragile, sensitive, vulnerable heart.

You feel broken.

And that is where you’re wrong.

You are sensitive and vulnerable; that is your beauty. But you are far from fragile. No matter how hard you fall—even when it feels like you’re in pieces—you always keep beating. You are resilient.

And you have never been broken.

You can not break like a bone; that is not how you are built. You are a muscle. You get hurt and worn and wearied. And you rest, heal and strengthen.

You evolve.

This is how you prepare for the next adventure, where, for all of your extraordinary efforts, your exercise, your beginnings and your ends, you will be bigger, better, bolder.


This is how you grow.

The heart was made for gravity. To fly high and to fall hard. To love and to lose. And, for as long as you are alive, you are made to love again.

Every beat is a new beginning.

So rest easy. For this process—your recovery—the learning, restoring, mending is soft and patient and sacred.

And when you wake, we will stretch this beautiful, brave muscle. And we will find another heart, another love, another adventure.

Another beginning.

Love always,

Your arms to keep you warm while you rest. And your legs, ready to take you whenever and wherever you choose to go.


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Author: Jenny Spitzer

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Sara/Flickr // mark sebastian/Flickr


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