October 4, 2015

Welcome to Me. {Poem}

“This is an invitation to stop swallowing the art in your mouth. This is an invitation to stop ripping yourself apart. This is an invitation to be a live nude. Let them draw you dirty, flawed and glistening. This is an invitation to your opening.” ~ Lauren Zuniga

Be a wolf.

Hang your sheep’s clothing in the back of your closet and put on something black.

Be so unapologetic about yourself that it makes people uncomfortable; makes them question who they are.

When they call you a lost soul, say, “Damn right I am.”

It is the act of finding yourself that contains all beauty.

Show every facet, however contradictory

And shine for the million kaleidoscope parts you are.

Just when they think you have taken shape,

Shake like an earthquake.

Survive with Grace.

Bare your scars with pride.

Learn. Just keep learning.

There isn’t a single thing in this life that is not worth discovering.

Be fearless.

Hell, be a little reckless.

Fall in love, letting it break you wide open.

It will leave you gasping for air, teach you selflessness, and show you how to be truly forgiven.

Accept that there is no such thing as falling for the wrong one, as each heartbreak becomes a link in your armor.

Say sorry for any hurt you may cause but do not fall victim to double jeopardy.

There are people who will never forget; be strong enough to let go on their behalf.

Don’t take yourself so seriously. They may never take you seriously, at all.

Let them talk.

Let them gather around their drinks with words of equal poison.

People will dissect you until you are raw, if you let them.

It is not your time they are wasting.

Do at least one thing every day that makes you ridiculously happy.

Lastly, do not listen to a word I say.

F*ck what they say.

This is your body, your mind and you may exhibit it as you wish.

You are the architect and curator of your story.


You are Magical. Really.

Author: Stephanie Coates

Assistant Editor: Hilda Carroll / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: supplied by author

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