October 20, 2015

We get what we Manifest: What’s In Your World?

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My world is a beautiful place to be.

One thing that I’ve learned from 25 years of practicing Shamanic healing and meditation, is that I am solely responsible for my own life and everything in it.

I pick and choose which energies to focus on and which ones to let go.

I stopped watching the news years ago. It’s not that I don’t want to be aware of all the dangerous and important things happening in our world, it’s just that I am very careful where I place my energy.

Being a feeler, I can watch one disturbing crime being reported on the news for five minutes and will then be affected by it for five weeks.

It is so easy to get caught up in the gruesome details of today’s society and all of the atrocities.

It’s really easy to spend hours complaining about what is wrong with the world.

My daughter and son are also highly sensitive, intuitive people. Each of them have expressed how cruel people can be and have asked why anyone would even want to live in such a f*cked up world.

My only answer for this is that their world doesn’t have to be filled up with abuse, bullies, murderers, racists or any other of the countless disturbing images they see online.

Their world can consist of love, giving, healing and happiness.

What they choose to surround themselves with is all that matters.

What they choose to “plug in” to directly affects their well being.

What they choose to think about will help manifest the types of people and events they attract into their lives.

I asked them, “Why not focus your energy on what is right with the world?”

On the good people doing great things.

On the enlightenment and awakening that is happening, more than ever, around the universe.

Why not pour your precious energy into the guy giving water to a homeless person’s dog? The innocence of the baby that you nanny for? The evolutionary accomplishments of people who are taking a stance for equality.

The people fighting for animal and human rights.

We may not have control over the negativity in the world, but we do have control over how we choose to act and be in this wild world of ours.

I choose to stay positive and have unconditional faith in humanity.

I choose to feel hope and see the goodness in people.

It makes it that much easier to spread love, acceptance and compassion.

I am not in denial of the dark events taking place across the globe—it’s just that when I lend my energy to love, instead of hate, I find that love is what I get more of.

It may not make all the “bad things” go away, but I have to believe that the energy we are creating—with our own kindness towards others—will somehow reach those that feel none.



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Author: Sarah Norwood

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Mysi

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