November 16, 2015

Beyond Paris: Seeking Oneness. {Poem}

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Oneness includes Lebanon, Afghanistan, Syria—all the lands our Western media seem to deem irrelevant.

Oneness includes the refugees, who will now be refused safe refuge as the borders start to close.

Oneness includes all of humanity—but where is the humanity?


Oneness includes the terrorists—how uncomfortable is that thought?

But it’s true—if we believe in oneness, we cannot deny that.

The terrorists represent our shadow selves—

The parts of us we seek to deny and repress,

But repression never cures—

Repression is a buried land mine, waiting to be stepped upon

And then, “Kaboom!”


How are we going to respond to these latest acts of terrorism?

With another “war on terror”?

When will that end?

What will that solve?

I don’t know what shape the real, practical solution will take,

But I know it will not be found in xenophobia.


We need to put a stop to this game of dominoes—

Terror begetting terror.

Someone, somewhere—and soon—needs to shout, “Enough!”

Who will that be?

What world leader will have the courage

To do the unexpected, instead of the obvious?

Who will have the vision to blaze a new trail, with only peace

And no self-serving needs

As the goal?


We need to understand one another.

We are disconnected from our Oneness.

Divided by our differing beliefs and traditions,

Unable to live and let live.

Our oneness is perverted too by greed

And fear—our inability to stand up for injustice.

We need to find a new way,

A true way.


It’s time to reject all the falsehoods

Instead of protecting and justifying,

(Or denying their existence)

Because they serve our fearful, selfish shadows.

It’s time we all come clean and own our sh*t.

It’s time to agree to start afresh

And mean it.

It’s time, high time, for us to find our oneness and live by it.



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Author: Hilda Carroll

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Greg Rokozy/Unsplash 

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