November 28, 2015

‘Bic for Her’: A Pen Designed for a Woman’s Delicate Hands. {Awesome Slam Poetry Clip}

Aurelian N.

In the year 2011, Bic Corporation came out with the ‘Bic for Her’ range—a pen designed for a woman’s delicate hands.

Pardon me? 

Since discovering spoken word and slam poetry, I feel a uniquely intense delight when I stumble across a poem that so accurately, sardonically, succinctly and, (with just a touch of whimsy), professes my feelings on a subject with an eloquence I can only dream of achieving.

Enjoy Edmonton, Alberta’s former poet laureate’s biting words as she points out all that is lovely–and wrong—with a pen designed for women.

Quips Pinkoski: “Since using Bic for Her my diary is just like my period: clean and sterile, efficient and well-bleached. My feelings are just a little feather-tickle of a cramp inside my soul.”

And she’s only just getting started. 


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Author: Keeley Milne

Editor: Sarah Kolkka

Photos: Youtube screenshot, Pixoto

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