November 28, 2015

Connecting to the Collective Consciousness.


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

The belief that we are all one and that everything is connected and correlates is something that has been held throughout the ages by many spiritual traditions. 

This is the reason that we repeatedly hear, “The answers are within.” Everything is connected through fractals of energy. Therefore, we have access to anything and everything in the universe without having to seek for the meaning or find answers outside ourselves.   

Collective consciousness is a set of shared beliefs, throughout the energy of the whole universe and has always existed and will continue to exist throughout eternity. It means that a collective group of people all have the same inner knowing and that all of our thoughts, ideas and feelings exist on a frequency that is accessible to everyone.  

All minds are able to tap into and add to this knowledge and these minds consist of scientists, artists, philosophers and spiritual leaders. The knowledge that exists in this consciousness contains ideologies, beliefs, values, norms and a moral compass. It is basically a sharing of similar sentiments that form a consensus in the collective mind.  

This is the reason that similar thoughts occur between people on opposite sides of the planet. If one person has a unique idea it can transfer to the collective consciousness and then it is very likely it will be picked up on and shared by someone else somewhere else in the world. Every individual thought we have will have an impact, however small, on humanity as a whole.  

It is also why events such as mass meditations take place—the intention and power produced from a collection of minds all creating similar waves of energy can be felt by others that might be thousands of miles away. The people who work together are acting as conductors for energy, as they connect not just to one another, but also to the energy in the universe so that they collectively radiate positive vibrations.  

Similar gatherings also occur during a Stargate, for example, during an equinox or solstice, when there is a vortex due to planetary alignment that allows an optimal amount of high vibrational energy to permeate earth.  

During these times those that are hyper-sensitive to energy will be able to raise our personal vibration, which will in turn benefit the collective vibration.  

Yogi Bhajan introduced Kunalini Yoga, which focuses on expanding sensory awareness, to the Western world in 1969. This was specifically so that we can awaken and ignite the energy that lies dormant within us. When we are aware and awakened, we are able to connect to one consciousness and are able to channel, control and guide subtle energy forces.   

Einstein talked about how we are all connected and how when one thing happens in the universe it affects all other things too. The term for this is quantum entanglement and the meaning of it is that are all energy tangles up and locks together. It then causes friction and is able to communicate.   

Many ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures, including the Mayans, believed that a collective consciousness exists and that shifts take place that are responsible for causing a mass awakening.  

We are all magical beings and capable of so much more than we have been led to believe. During ancient times supernatural capabilities were considered the norm and were necessary and beneficial tools in every day life. When science came into play it tried to defy and disclaim anything that could not be proved with measurement and calculations. This eventually led to the masses losing faith in anything that could not be determined or defined by science.  

In recent years there have been major breakthroughs with scientific research that has led many to once again believe that everything we see is an illusion and that we have a far greater capacity as human beings than what we may have thought. Many people are now reconnecting to past traditions, beliefs, ideologies and practices that are assisting us with our personal growth, awakening and spiritual evolution. This is known as the Age of Aquarius or the Age of Enlightenment that was predicted by the Mayans. It is a pivotal turning point for spirituality, both individually and on a mass scale. 

In the Star Wars movies, Obi Wan Kanobi described collective energy by saying, “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.” In fact, Star Wars regularly talked of the “Force,” and especially the “dark side” of it. Obi Wan Kanobi also explained the force of energy surrounding him by saying, “Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.”   

Although Star Wars is science-fiction, it reflects the same principles as Buddhism and Taoism, and also works on the premise that we are all one, and all connected through energy. It also works with the Eastern philosophy of yin and yang and how opposites, dark and light, are complimentary when they work together.   

When energy is magnified by a large number of people all expressing a similar emotion at the same time this can be felt as waves within the collective consciousness. This happens when multitudes of people all share the same consensus and it spreads like wildfire from one mind to the next. What may start off with just one person thinking or feeling something can then explode across the planet as other minds tune in and detect that something major is happening.  

Usually this happens at times of great planetary stress or devastation and as the collective consciousness peaks those who are hyper sensitive to energy will feel the effects dramatically as we are highly tuned into this consciousness. This energy can come out of nowhere and until we are aware of what is causing the fluctuation of energy, we will feel shaken and disturbed and this will manifest as fear and anxiety.  

We can find it overwhelming and greatly challenging to navigate the pulses of energy that emerge when the universe experiences tidal waves of emotional energy due to global trauma or even elation.  

We are able to easily tap into the collective consciousness and feel the effects of the stimuli generated there. If we are existing on a subconscious level and are not fully present—and our conscious is not aware when this happens—it can debilitate us, especially if we have not first protected our energy or prepared ourselves emotionally for it.  

Even though connecting with the collective consciousness is not a commonly known way to access information, thousands of years ago in many cultures it was a perfectly normal thing to do. However, as our DNA discovered how to store memories, many people became reliant on accessing memories from the data stored in our physiological makeup. It is now more common for DNA to help make decisions, rather than accessing the collective conscious. 

DNA records and stores our cells’ memories in the same way as a tape recorder does. As people go through life they search for stored information in their DNA (tape recorder) rather than tapping into their higher selves and the collective conscious. This has caused many people to lose the ability to tap into the collective consciousness and instead means they allow their past to make sense of the situations they are in. It also means they may make subconscious decisions about information they are receiving based on pre-conceived ideas and feelings that come from their belief system. 

We often feel pain when the world is suffering and we want to do something to ease this suffering. Before we tap into the collective conscious we must be aware that if we are bringing our feelings of existing pain and trauma with us, this will add negatively to the mix of energy that is stored there.  

Before we tune into the collective conscious we must first have cleared our own energy so that it is filled with light and positivity. We can only heal outwardly once we have first healed ourselves. Otherwise we are carrying our own wounds with us and they will be transferred to whomever or whatever it is we intend to bring healing to.  

Having the ability to tune into collective consciousness can prove extremely beneficial. If we are struggling to find the answers we are searching for, we can tap into this collective conscious to gain access to the knowledge and wisdom that is stored.   

Tapping into the collective consciousness is very easy though it will take a small amount of patience, practice and trust to gain reliable results.   

Sit crossed legged, spine straight and hands at the heart center with middle fingers pointing upwards and fingertips touching lightly.  

Allow thoughts to come and go naturally and inhale and exhale deeply to allow the body and mind to slow down.   

When persisting and existing thoughts have dissipated, focus on what it is you would like to know.   

Avoid asking questions that determine life choices you should be making yourself. The collective consciousness is a build up of universal data and wisdom and only we can make our own choices for our own personal lives.  

When we have received a response, allow it to settle in the mind before looking at it with discernment.  

When it has settled for a few moments observe the emotions that are connected to the response. Has the reply come to us from our own fear or a projection that we made? It is essential to be aware if something we have created is responsible for forcing a particular answer or if the message has been delivered to us void of our own interruption.  

If we have used fear or desire to override receiving the true answer begin again, by  clearing the mind of our personal thoughts and feelings.   

When we have received a response that has came to us from a source outside of ourselves meditate on the response and allow it to sink in.  

Say thank you for receiving the message, spend a few moments in silence showing gratitude and breathing deeply then close the meditation to finish.  

Alternatively, just before sleep we can ask our unconscious minds to work on a problem to find the solution while we are sleeping. This is a widely used practice and most likely when we awake we will have received the answers to whatever question has been on our mind. Hence the phrase, “sleeping on a problem.” 

The messages of wisdom we receive can come to us either through a feeling, a sensation, through words or even through a visual response. Whichever way we receive it will depend upon our own ability to channel and translate information.   

These messages of wisdom are often known as channeling, or some people say the messages have been delivered to them through a guide.  

The collective consciousness has been used by people for millennia and is further proof of our inherent connectedness. By learning to be open and receptive we too can tap into this source of wisdom and find the answers we need to help ourselves and our world.

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Author: Alex Myles

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