November 11, 2015

Date A Girl Who Eats.

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Date a girl who eats.

Date a girl who’s counting the number of new tastes she wants to savor instead of calories, who’s licking the juice of new adventures off her fingers.

She doesn’t care that you’re watching. She’s the one sucking the meat from the bones of life, and she doesn’t stop there. That’s when she goes for the marrow. Every drop.

She munches tacos from the corner taco stand like there’s no tomorrow. Tomorrow, she’s taking you to the restaurant you’ve been trying to get into for years to try their 24-course tasting menu.

She doesn’t just experience the moment. She is the moment.

Date a girl who eats.

You never have to ask if she’s hungry; you know the answer to that. Or, what’s for dinner. It’s already been taken care of. Her refrigerator is always flowing over. And when she’s not looking, you’re always sneaking in to try the latest concoction she’s made.

You leave the ordering up to her.

If she’s sad, take her out for her favorite ice cream, and she will cheer right up.

Instead of closets full of clothes, she’s the one with the cupboards full of chocolates she bought in Belgium, dark honeys smuggled from Spain, vanilla beans picked in Tahiti and dried chiles that an old women handed over from a smoky fire in Mexico.

Date a girl who eats.

She doesn’t spend her money on frivolous things she doesn’t need. Instead, spicy Tunisian harissa, the greenest of olive oil from Lesvos, the finest of salt from France.

With her, you will find that elusive best barbecue joint you’ve been searching for you entire life where you will finally understand the difference between BBQ and grilling. She found the place because she smelled the smoke, and followed it until she found the fire. Which is a lot like the way she lives her life.

Date a girl who eats.

She always carries snacks in case of emergency, even if you’re on your way to dinner. Dark salted chocolates from Guatemala that leave just a faint taste of olive oil on the tongue, Marrakesh figs that seems to be perfumed with rose and orange blossoms and ginger almonds from India will suddenly appear in your hands a moment before you knew you were hungry.

Sometimes you will lose her. Her eyes are often closed when she eats; her mind is often distracted.

She will talk about what you’re having for dinner during lunch, and during dinner she’ll already be talking about what you’re eating the next morning for breakfast. It will be normal to go shopping at midnight for the ingredients.

Date a girl who eats.

She will buy you tickets to Vietnam, just so you can try the pho. Then, she will whisk you away to Oaxaca where you first have mole. And you will cry—but, you will blame it on the chiles.

She always knows what you are craving before you do.

She will steal your food, and then she will steal your heart.

You can actually get away with buying her a food processor for her Birthday. Just make sure it’s better than the one she already has.

Date a girl who eats.

Be careful, though; if you date a girl who eats, you will start daydreaming about what to feed her. You will start wondering if she would prefer a cheese that lingers on the tongue long after the moment it is eaten or an ice cream that melts instantly, leaving only its scent.

She will wake you in the middle of the night, because you just have to try a sip of the deep red port she is drinking. She will wake you in the mornings, because it’s time for champagne. She will wake you with strawberries while you are trying to nap, and not because she wants to eat them.

Date a girl who eats.

She will require that you taste everything at least twice. And if you don’t like something, you’d better lie.

And when she’s ready, she’ll cook for you. She will give you a taste of her world. And only then will you know what it means to truly eat.

Date a girl who eats.


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Author: Valen Dawson

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Ashley Webb/Flickr


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