November 1, 2015

I Want (& Maybe You Do Too).



I want to wake up every day and pause long enough to remember to choose the feeling of hope and opportunity.

I want to walk through my days seeing just as much beauty in the chaos as I do in the trees.

I want to fall asleep every evening with the last thought in my mind being gratitude for oh-so-much.

I want to remember to look at the sunsets, even after the most challenging of times.

I want to let go of myself, in order to give to others.

I want to close my eyes when I taste the first bite of an apple and remember that the entire universe lies within that one piece of fruit.

I want to do my part to pave the way toward a better Earth for my children.

I want to touch and be touched in the most meaningful of ways by those who love me.

I want my thoughts, words and actions to bring people together and support them to see how powerful they really are. I want to write words that resonate toward hope, compassion, peace, love and play.

I want to enjoy the rain, the snow and even the most scorching of heat—because it is all just part of this experience.

I want to remember to go inside of myself when the external world threatens to overwhelm.

I want to remember to ask for what I am seeking.

I want to allow myself to answer the questions that I sometimes feel I am too lost to ask.

I want to remember to bow to everyone on this planet and to all that is greater than us.

I want to remember to play, even on the most seemingly mundane of days.

I want to remember to breathe when I feel terrified and to love myself the most during those times.

I want to dance in my kitchen, close my eyes to better hear the waves of the lakes and sing even when I don’t know all of the words.

I want to allow the tears to well up in my eyes when I see my daughters doing what they feel is right.

I want to hug people and close my eyes—if only for a moment—in order to better feel the physical contact of our hearts.

I want to inspire and be inspired by the differences between us.

I want to create—with others and with something greater than myself.

I want abundance for all.

I want my fire to only be that of passion for—and service to—all of life.

I want to smile lovingly and stand up firmly, or even taller, when someone calls me a “dreamer.”

I want to allow others to be exactly where they are at in their understanding, and to choose to love them unconditionally.

I want to help to nourish this world in any way that I possibly can.

I want to physically travel to places where people are hurting, in order to have an opportunity to love them, if only for a brief time.

I want to be an embodiment of love even for those who will never know me but perhaps in their subconscious minds know that we did exist together, somehow.

I want to encourage others to see the beauty in the world and realize that they can only see this as a result of seeing the beauty in themselves.

I want to have grace for myself when I stumble.

I want the strength to speak only of love and grace for others when they stumble.

I want my voice to harmonize with all of the other voices in this world.

I want to join both hands and hearts with all of you who want these things as well—as our collective intentions are so much more powerful than mine alone.


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Author: Katie Vessel

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Pixoto/Adrian Bercea // sciencefreak/Pixabay


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