November 4, 2015

Living without the Haze. {Poem}

Author's personal photo: Heather Teodoro

I need to slow down more—internally.

I need to live less of my life in the fuzzy haze of doing,

Of simply existing—of just going.

I want to learn to live more—

In the clear space of am.

I am here.


I am me.

I am.

And I choose how to do

This thing called life,

This life thing does not choose

How I will be.

I want to stay centered—

To remain mindful.

To live without the haze

and the fuzzy mind—

To really be here—now.



This takes practice.

But life is more vibrant

And more worth living,

When it is experienced clearly.

Be mindful of the haze that creeps into our minds

When we focus too much on the doing

And not enough on the being.

The things we need to get done, will still get done.

But we can be so much more as we do them.

Take a moment to breathe in—

And to breathe out—

Appreciate exactly who you are

And where you are—right now.

Give thanks for this life,

For this opportunity to exist.

Breathe it in,

Soak it in,

And take this with you, now—

As you continue to be.

Truly live–-do not just do.

I am here.

I am me.

I am.



At Present. {Poem}


Author: Heather Teodoro

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photos: Author’s own.

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