November 16, 2015

One Thing we all Need to Do After the Terrorist Attacks in Paris.

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“In the face of fear, I will love fiercely.” ~ Jessica Ortner

In the wake of recent events in Paris (and around the world) many of us are finding ourselves asking—what now?

Terrorists capitalize on fear.

When we fear our daily existence—they are winning.

When we choose to not go somewhere, to not fly, or to not live our lives the way we wish too—they are winning.

The only thing that we can do in times of crisis and fear—is to live.

To live fully and immeasurably.

To live fearlessly and completely.

We need to live our lives not just for ourselves, and our own hearts—but for all of those who lose their lives to senseless acts of violence.

And not just those to international terrorism—but to those domestic acts as well.

Those that happen within movie theaters—and schools.

Those violent acts that wish to threaten our daily lives—and our very way of living.

We need to live our lives full of heart and gusto for all those who had their lives cut short.

We need to wake up and see the sunrise—just because we are still able to.

We owe it to all to find something that we enjoy doing that feeds our souls during the day—because we were given the gift of another day.

And today we are breathing—as others are just taking their last breath.

Today we owe it to ourselves to cook a meal full of love and flavor and to sit down with those that we love with a few bottles of good wine—simply because we can.

Because we have the gift to do exactly what we love—and to be around those that we love.

We owe it to ourselves to look someone in their eyes today and tell them that they are our world—and that we love them.

So many will never have that chance.

We need to go for a walk outside today and close our eyes and remember the way the world sounds when it is filled with love—and hope.

For we are all amazing creatures capable of creating golden sunshine with our hearts—and while it may seem at times that the darkness is encroaching upon our way of life.

The truth is—no matter how it may seem there are more warm hearts amongst us rather than cold.

We owe it to ourselves to run our fingers over the worn old pages of our favorite book, and to curl up beneath a blanket in front of a roaring fire.

Because for so many who lives get cut short, they will no longer be able to enjoy the simple aspects of life.

We need to stop whatever it is we think is more important and sit and talk with a child today.

We need to hear about whatever is in their heads at the moment—and to play in the dirt with them.

We need to remember that tomorrow isn’t a guarantee—so we have to embrace today for exactly what it is.

We need to live not because the future may be taken from us—but to make the most of this moment.

We all deserve to make mad passionate crazy love to someone who sets us on fire—and then to curl up in their arms this evening.

Because for so many—their love affairs ended long before they ever found happily ever after.

This evening, we need to go out into the moonlight and walk underneath the ceiling of a thousand stars—remembering that regardless of nationality or creed, we are all part of this amazing world looking up into the bright heavens at exactly the same time.

This isn’t about Muslims, or Syrians—this is about those that choose to believe that killing others is a way to make themselves feel better or justify their motives to better advance their interests.

This is about the age old battle of good versus evil.

Because it doesn’t matter where someone was born, or what ethnic background they come from—it matters what it is their hearts.

And just like all Americans or Canadians can’t be judged by a select few—neither can those from Syria, or other countries that struggle with terrorists hiding within its borders.

We have the choice to be the difference that we want to see within this world—to live the life that so many were unable to when theirs was tragically cut short by violence.

There will be pain in every day—there will be acts that we can’t explain and that tear at our hearts and threaten our ability to have hope in tomorrow.

But the bravest—the most important thing that we can do today for all of those who are unable to—is to live.

Live down to the soles of our feet and the tips of our toes.

Live and love as only fearless hearts can.

Love in the spaces of in between and over the smell of fresh cotton and morning snuggles.

Love with the breadth of a thousand emotions pressed within just one singular moment—because it is up to us to make every damn moment count.

Because this is the most important thing we can do in the wake the recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, to the Russian plane, in Iraq and, sadly, elsewhere— and the violence that occurs every day in some part of the world.

We can choose to live.

So today, and every day, make the choice to wake up and shout from the rooftops—je veux vivre.

Because today, we are alive— now we just have to choose to live.




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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Waylon Lewis 

Image: public domain 

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