November 14, 2015

Paris, We Won’t Sleep Tonight, but Please Know This.

 screenshot Paris attacks Nov 13

Paris, we won’t sleep tonight, but…

A few hours ago I got to know about the attacks in Paris.

At the time of writing, more than 100 humans are held hostage and far too many have died. Six different places were the sight of attacks, suggesting that it was planned as maliciously as possible.

As a human I am deeply affected by what’s happening in Paris. I was too young when 9/11 took place and now I feel that same terror is being replayed in Paris.

There were many years in between 9/11 and today.

Many things have changed in my life, but, my world is the same. Our world is still dealing with terror, cruelty, violation and injustice.

I felt so fed up of this world that I told my man to let us pack our bags and escape from all this.

But, there is no escape.

There will be all kinds of theories and arguments everywhere, regarding this tragic event in Paris. But, all our arguments, debates and theories won’t bring those back who have left us. No doors would be opened for us and there would be no escape. My heart is in pain as I write these lines and my mind is at a dead end where I am unable to think anything.

What do I have to offer to those that still might be waiting for there loved ones to return? What can I say that would make all those people feel better who were witnesses of these cruel acts against humanity? In what words do I appreciate their unbiased stance post Charlie Hebdo tragedy?

I want to pour all my love in the terrorized heart of Paris, I want to pray and I want all of us to pray for them. But, are prayers enough? And how can I pray when I can barely mumble in between tears whenever I think of the terror the hostages must be going through.

Adults all over the world—especially Paris—may survive this trauma and gain perspective. But, what about our children in Paris? What about those fragile minds in their adolescence? We can understand what they may be going through right now and we can very well estimate the impact these acts may have on their hearts and minds.

But, we can offer them nothing more than prayers—prayers and perspective.

Our children and youth of Paris, you are in a position of seeing cruelty at its worst. You know best what terror truly is. You know what it feels like to be violated and you know what kind of aggression it brings up in you. But, you are also in a position to understand the most purest form of compassion, solidarity and love. You are in a position to know the right meaning of peace from all your heart and soul.

And we know, you will never want to grow up into someone who has anything to do with bias, injustice, cruelty or terror.

We pray that your wound may always be a place where light enters. We pray that you may be able to put all your energy into helping mankind and promoting humanity.

We pray and feel the utmost love for you and your nation right now.

I cry my heart out as I unwillingly accept the reality that there is no escape to all this terror, injustice and cruelty. But, may we be able to have right measures and negotiations to manage all this chaos. May we become able to realise that religion is not even remotely related to humanity when it is used against it. May we realise that defending the religion while humanity is in pain, is a moment where humans are at peak of being inhuman.

Most of us won’t be able to sleep tonight. When something as cruel as this happens, we are shaken from our very core.

We remember all those events that happened in our regions and were close to the terror Paris might be experiencing.

There are too many things and too many such events that must have been replaying in minds of people from all over the world. Be it the Peshawar school incident, 9/11, Ghaza, Afghanistan or a solitary incident of someone taking the lives of those we love.

We can’t even compare our pain with the immense trauma you are going through. But, on certain levels of pain, my love, we related to you. All of us resonate pain, all of us have Paris in our minds. All of us are sending out vibes to the universe which are extreme but all in favour of Paris.

All of us have unknowingly sent our petition to the divine, in favour of Paris.

All of us are desperate for your healing.

In this time of deep pain, I believe the universe will listen to us if we send our deepest love to those in Paris and those affected by what’s happening in Paris.

We won’t sleep tonight, but we will make sure to send our prayers and love.




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Author: ZauFishan Qureshi

Editor: Renée Picard

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