November 28, 2015

Signs You Might Be a Yoga Mama.

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Yoga Mama. Maybe it is a title you wear proudly.

Or maybe it makes you cringe, as you imagine a minivan with a co-exisit sticker on the back.

For me, it is a little bit of both!

While my yoga practice might have taken a back seat to parenting in the past few years, it is still my first love! I might not always fit in with the other moms on the playground, and I cant imagine myself organizing carpools and bake sales any time in the near future—but I certainly feel totally at home on my yoga mat.

Sound familiar? You might be starting to identify with the term yoga mama. I do.

Well, are you a yoga mama?

Here are some tell tale signs:

Our blood type is equal parts almond milk lattes, green juice, kombucha, and warm water with lemon.

Our yoga pants actually make it to yoga class.

Our yoga pants also make it everywhere else you go—to the playground, Whole Foods, and the farmer’s market.

Ok, all we ever actually wear are yoga pants.

We fix everything with coconut oil, and suggest that others do the same.

We are experts at staying calm. Anyone can meditate on a mountain retreat, but we can stay calm during a toddler tantrum at Target!

We don’t have fancy cosmetics, but we do have fancy essential oils!

Our children have owned at least one onesie with the OM symbol or word “Namaste” on it.

We truly understand the concept of non-attachment, as we grow to learn our children are their own people.

When it is our turn to provide the classroom snack, it is always vegan.

If we have an hour to ourselves, we may find it difficult to choose which is more fun—teaching a yoga class, or going to a yoga class yourself. Decisions, decisions.

Our favorite accessory is our mala beads.

Our children ask for, and drink, green smoothies.

When we find a local studio that provides babysitting services, we immediately bust out a handstand in gratitude.

We are not into diamonds, but we are all about the clear quartz. And rose quartz. And citrine. And amethyst…

Our yoga mats have been known to be used as a train track, picnic blanket, and a place where our little ones and pets hang out.

Within, we know we are better mamas when we have time for ourselves, and we try to carve out time to practice even when it might only mean a few minutes of deep breathing.


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Author: Logan Kinney 

Assistant Editor: Lindsay Carricarte / Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Flickr/San José Library 

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