November 23, 2015

The Child Within. {Poem}

Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr

This is for everyone who chooses to recognize and drop the limiting beliefs that were probably injected in them since childhood.

It is always scary to start anew, no matter how many times in life and no matter when or who you are but we owe it to the child within us.

As I unpack the load
that I might have been carrying for long;
since kindergarden or school
I don’t even know why or how
it must have kept piling all along.

As I drop a box from my mind
of crayons broken and books torn
that once must have been thrust in my hands
but never allowed to be used on my own.

A little fear
in my heart I hear
something stirs within,
all of me
what I thought was numb,
is aching for me to sing.

The world is big and happy
I see it now
as it spreads out
in front of me.

A step was all I gave.
A step was all in need.

The time has called to unlearn
and wipe out everything known.
A slight fear still remains
but it promises to behave.

A rush of hope
a rush of youth
I am a child again
and how soon!

With open palms; I have nothing to hold on,
With uncertainty; I need not be sure,
With innocence; I believe in all good.
I will take on, I will reach out
to the child in me,
I will survive, I will keep alive
the child in me.

And I do hope you do too.

Won’t You?


Author: Malvika Vazalwar 

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr

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