November 13, 2015

The Root of All Evil is Intention—Not Money.

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Sitting in the lined rows of the uncomfortable and under-cushioned chairs at church, elbow to elbow with my brother and sister, I would offer prayers to God.

We would thank him for our blessings and ask to be purged of our sins. Post-prayer we would sit and listen to a sermon delivered by a member of the church.

Although many lessons on morality were delivered, one particular phrase stuck with me, and I believe it to be one of the primary “Abundance Blocks” of most people today:

The Pursuit and Love of Money is Evil.

In this life, there are things living and things not. But everything—every tangible, touchable piece of matter—offers a changeable vibration. Money is no different.

On its own, money is just paper. It has no personality. It makes no personal decisions. It has no likes and dislikes. Spend it or save it, it could care less.

In its natural, untouched existence, it can be neither good nor bad. Were they to be sitting side by side, there would be no energetic, or vibrational, difference between a stack of hundred dollar bills and the stack of scratch paper currently littering my desk.

Money is used as a tool to obtain food, shelter and enjoyment; there really is nothing that you cannot have or do when you have money. Money is the vehicle we ride from “here” to “there.” What matters most about money is not how you got it or what you buy with it; it boils down to the intentions of the person holding it. What matters most is the vibration within you, or the real reasons you are choosing to pursue wealth.

Examine your desires for just a minute. Do you want money to buy a new car? Do you want money to buy a larger house? New clothes?

Now consider your reasoning. Are you wanting these things because you feel that in having them you gain some validation from your friends? Are you just “keeping up with the Kardashians?” Do you think that women will be more impressed with you if your expensive car screams, I am wealthy? Do you think that having a mansion on a hill and closet full of Versace suits will give you the persona of a person who holds power? And, do you somewhere deep inside believe that this validation and power over others will allow you to control your happiness?

It is said that the “God Force” is one of the highest vibrations in existence. And if your emotions were to rank on that same vibrational scale, happiness, joy, appreciation, excitement and wonder would be close in proximity to that God Force vibration.

So, it is only fair to assume that desiring and pursuing wealth from a low vibrational emotional place—one where you are seeking because you feel personal lack, self-consciousness, fear and even loneliness—is what will taint the pursuit of wealth.

I suppose it’s fair to say that if you pursue wealth from a space where your vibration is low, or ask from that proverbial hole in your heart, then yes. You are so far from the vibrations of God that your pursuit of money could be considered evil. Ungodly. Unjust. And, no doubt, any of you will find yourself unfulfilled by even the largest stack of cash if you are pursuing money from all the wrong places.

But what if you are seeking your desires from a place based on the pursuit of joy and happiness?

What if you want that new car because its perfect color makes you swoon? Imagine you believe that driving your new car will leave you feeling exhilarated? What if you wanted that new house on the hill because the view of the valley below gave you a sense of beauty so full that it made your bones ache in delight? What if the idea of having millions of dollars in your bank account just gave you peace (and that personal peace was all you were seeking)? What if that money would be the catalyst for you to travel this vast world, allowing you to enjoy the company of every new person you encountered?

Your pursuit of wealth now has a totally different vibrational appeal, doesn’t it? It’s because you are asking with intentions of high vibration, happiness, joy, self-esteem and, most important of all, a sense of deserving.

It is through changing our relationship with money, by viewing is as an object that brings good into our lives, that we can bring more of it to us.

When you ask the Universe for more money and you ask from that high vibrational place, it’s about you. You are pursuing wealth with the greater understanding that the act of having your desires is what will bring you happiness. You want wealth because you believe it will bring you good things, not evil things.

So, Is money the root of all evil?

If you gave birth to the desire, and the quest for finding it began in that deep hole in your heart, then, well, yes.

It is all about you and your intentions.

The pursuit of anything begins with you and your intentions. The “goodness,” or the object, really has no significance to God.


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Author: Magyn Gooch

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Vincent Anderlucci/Flickr


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