November 6, 2015

The Shower Dance. {Poem}

Sean McGrath/flickr

When you know, you know.

Will that suffice?

It’s easy to go along with it, and now that I’m on the other side of knowing, I could do just that.

And yet, I don’t want to.

Yes it’s true, but it’s annoyingly straightforward, and surprisingly difficult to comprehend in its simplicity, if of course, you don’t know.

It’s more like when you are taken to faraway lands, parallel universes in which all sense of space and time is lost, and nothing exists except that which gives you life, her breath—then you’ll know.

You begin to realise that everything in your life has happened in order to bring you closer to that person. They come along and flick a switch, and suddenly everything makes perfect sense.

Moments of clarity.

Out of body experiences brought on by a warm embrace, a loving touch, or a glance across a crowded room.
You live for these impulsive, electrifying, albeit far too brief moments in time, which take your breath away.

And when they do happen, you’ll know…

Can I have this dance?

Wait, no. Let me start over.

Take my hand.

We don’t need music—the beating of our hearts will guide us along this ceramic dance floor.

Come a little closer.

Do you hear it now?

Not to worry, I will hum it for you.

A tender smile—so you do know it.

Gazing into each other’s soul, we begin to depart the physical realm.

We exist as one now.

Reunited once more, after traversing the universe over countless lifetimes.


And just as in those past lives, the rhythm of pure love is guiding us now in this dance.

I don’t know the steps- but that is of little importance.

I have parted ways with my shell of a body, and am now merely a flow of energy.

The touch of your skin.

The kiss of your lips.

My hand in yours.

Boundless euphoria.

Time stands still as the space around us becomes indistinguishable.

Colours evaporate—there is only light.

Enveloped in this warm haze, I have never been so sure of anything in my whole life.


I don’t know where we are, and I don’t care.

All I want, is this moment.

As much as I may wish for it, I know it won’t last forever.

This song will surely come to an end, and the alluring reverie in which we find ourselves will soon fade.

I can only hope that we can continue to allow the beating of our hearts to guide us, and trust that we will find our way.

I love you.

I always have, and I always will.



Immediate & Eternal Passion. {A Love Poem}


Author: Patrick Hyland

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Sean McGrath/Flickr



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