November 13, 2015

The Way You Say My Name. {Adult}


“I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.” ~ Pablo Neruda, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair



Meeting you was like unexpectedly falling into a fast-flowing river.

From deep under the calm flat surface of my life, I was swept into your undertow and lost all breath, all framework of time.

You didn’t try to rescue me, and I, drowning in the depths of your soul, sank with eyes closed and mouth open, my lungs filling with the way you say my name.

The murmur of your voice wrapped around me like so many layers of transparent chiffon.

Soaked to the skin, drifting wordlessly to the bottom, my life flashed before me before I perished to whom I had been before you.

“My sweet,” you whispered, as your arms wrapped strong around my body and holding me close to your heart, you brought us crashing through to where the tide of your love could carry us to shore.

I don’t know if it was the heat of the sun or the warmth of your body that quelled my fear, I just know that your skin on mine is the where I long to be shipwrecked for the rest of my life.

If was a Selkie and you were the captain of a sea-faring boat, I would be tempted to lure you to my world and kidnap you without remorse.

I would feed you love and adorn your body with the gift of my mouth; leave you begging for the softness of my fingers on the muscled landscape of your back…and lower.

And if you asked me why I refused to release you I would say;

Because the way my name rolls off your tongue is a seduction that I cannot bear to have end.

Because you never apologize for the things you do to my body, taking what is yours and giving what I cannot do without.

Because my breasts in your hands and my nipples in your mouth is an addiction I hope to succumb to.

Because your breath on my neck and the bite of your teeth on my skin keeps me begging for more please.

Because the way you stand before me with your c*ck demanding my attention is damn hot and I’ve forgotten how to be a lady.

Because you never ask me to love you but always show me the depth of your love, with your actions and your words.

Because the way you lay me down so tenderly before you nail me to my bed so unforgivingly is the best sex I’ve ever had.

I’m drowned to you and you are drowned to me and yet we still have air to breathe.

We live each day absorbed in each other but there is always space for our own adventures.

You kiss me like the devil, strip me bare for your pleasure and yet I feel empowered by your touch.

I’m bewitched by the way my name fills the air when you speak it, there is magic in your voice.

I don’t care if no one understands the way our love engulfs us in flames.

I don’t care who approves of the passion we indulge in.

You are the moonlight reflected upon the tranquil ocean.

You are the silence that hugs ancient mountain peaks.

You are the flight of a sparrow over a field of ripening wheat.

You are the rain on a hot summer eve.

Let us weave a tapestry of the love we have made.

Let us fall into the abyss of the way we make each other feel.

Let us hold hands while we jump from the familiar into the unknown.

Trace my bliss with your tongue sparing no inch of skin, let me ardently show you that my mouth is capable of sin.

We are blinded by passion, soulfully enraptured with each touch that we share; but it’s the way you say my name that breaks open the dam of my love.

Let me imprint myself onto you, tie you up, dine on your every exhalation. Let me take where you leave good sense behind. Let me open to your fingers like a moon flower at dusk. Let me hear you groan your pleasure beneath my undulating hips.

And when you reach the summit of the spire that we have climbed, let me hear my name once more, wrenched from your core, with every delicious drop of love that you spill.

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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Pixaby


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