November 3, 2015

Tuning Into Love: 3 Ways to Never get Stuck in Pain Again.

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I’m what you could call a “spiritual mechanic.”

I spend my days listening to the sounds and symptoms of people’s pain, hearing their deepest secrets and biggest fears and helping them get back on track by dislodging patterns of limitation that have stalled them from moving forward in life.

I consult their souls and spirit guides to illuminate lessons and provide the perfect means for repair. Regardless of the circumstance or obstruction, I can almost always get people back up and running again.

It boils down to one simple thing: The pain that exists is meant to push us into our expansion. 

If we can listen to what our pain is trying to tell us, it can help us out of the most challenging times in our lives. This is where we usually go wrong. We have made pain our enemy for so long, consequently giving it power over us and not taking accountability for what it’s doing there in the first place.

Pain just wants to be our friend and it always has a message for us. It links us to an area that needs attention. The problem arises when we don’t pay attention in the beginning and end up knee deep in desperation, depression and loneliness. If we can catch it at discomfort, annoyance or discontentment, we’ll be a lot less in the hole.

Pain proves that we are partaking in the illusion that we’re separate or unloved. Pain isn’t even real. It defies the literal expression of our existence. It is an indicator that we are off track and a signal that we are identifying with untruth.

Here’s the skinny:

When our car’s service light comes on, we know that if we ignore it for too long it’s going to cause a bigger problem and affect the whole system. Sure, it’s a bummer when it comes on, but if you take care of it right away you can prevent any real damage and get things running smoothly again.

Think of pain like an indicator light. It’s our body and emotional system saying, “Hey, this area needs service. You gotta take care of this if you want things to run well!”

The good news is we can run our own diagnostics and maintenance, and it won’t cost a penny! Here are three things to know about pain and how to turn it into love:

1. It’s striking an unhealed wound. 

There is an “untruth” being activated and it’s showing up as pain. The turning point is realizing that it is not the circumstance that is causing us pain, but our perception of it. Pain is only there because we are identifying with a past trauma that caused us to misconceive our self-worth. This is why we are all stimulated by different things—we have different pasts, life lessons and subconscious belief systems.

Ask yourself these questions: What belief could I be holding that is igniting this pain? What would I have to believe to be true in order for this pain to exist?  What is the untruth that I am agreeing to in this circumstance?

2. It’s there to help push us into healing.

Pain is only a signal that we are out of alignment with our true and fullest expression. This pain is showing up to help us heal the old belief and push us into self-love, true empowerment and unconditional joy.

So what is it trying to tell us? What is the potential lesson and awakening available through this circumstance? We have the power to determine if it will trigger us into our pain or our enlightenment. What truth is attempting to emerge?

3. It has probably served us in the past to hold onto it.

This sounds strange at first, but start by taking a look at what your parents taught you about pain. Did they believe you had to experience substantial suffering before you could have abundance? Did you learn that if you suffered you would get attention? Or if you got angry you were heard or respected?

How has this falsely worked for me in the past and how can I take accountability for creating this feeling on my own unconditionally?

We must begin to change the paradigm of what it means to heal and change. It is not always through our suffering that we find wisdom and spiritual depth. People and pain come into our lives to move us closer to our highest expression. Our hardships and perceived transgressors can be our biggest gifts if we can take accountability in our healing and choose to use the circumstance to grow.

In each moment we can choose pain or love. Awakening is just a succession of shifts in perception. Our roads become infinite when we can let go of pain and the illusion that we are separate from the love and infinite ability that we all truly are.


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Author: Bree Melanson

Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image: Kasia/Flickr

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