November 21, 2015

When I Meet Me. {Poem}


And I will pick apart the lives of all those around me,
Criticizing, scrutinizing, but smile back so lovely.

And I will stand before a mirror but cannot look in my own eyes,
And I will swear that I do love me, but I fear my own disguise.
And I fear the wrath of a god in whom I do not believe,
And I am thoroughly convinced that in some life I’ll be a tree.
And I am convoluted, hypocritical, shallow in a sense,
Up-tightly, too laid back, analytically pretend.
And I am happy, full of peace, in fear of death and dark,
Caught between my own beliefs, who I am, and what we are.
Mortality; a mere mirage to my escaping senses,
Reality; a new pretend, developed for defenses.
And here I am in a foggy mirror, dodging my own glance,
Making a mess of my own words, and relying too much on my hands.
And where once a penny would not splash within the shallows of my mind,
Stones of judgment will sink to the bottom far too deep to ever find.
And when I meet me for the first time; I vow to stare right in my eyes,
I will not judge, I will accept and I will burn that damn disguise.



Lessons in Acceptance: Being a Motherf*cking Tree in a World of Tiny, Round Pegs.

Author: Sarah Grassey

Editor: Erin Lawson

Image:  Flickr/Allen Sky  //  Flickr/Jane Rahman

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Read 3 comments and reply

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