November 28, 2015

Who Are You? {Poem}


[Author’s Note: This piece was inspired by the structure of “Self Portrait” by David Whyte, which also inspired “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.]

They don’t interest me, the superficial details of your life.

I want to know
If you contemplate death—
Not in a morbid way,
But in a way that determines how you will live your life.

It doesn’t interest me what you think you’re supposed to do.
I want to know your inner yearning,
What you long to express,
If you long to be known.
I want to know “what it is you will do with your wild and precious life.”
What is your “original medicine” to share with the world
So that it’s not lost and gone forever?

It doesn’t interest me what all your conditioning is,
All the layers that take you away from the essence of who you really are—
Your essence.
I want to know what it is you would do, if fear of failure was not a factor.
How is your soul longing to love itself into being?

It doesn’t interest me what you do to fit in.
I want to know what you do to be all of who you are,
How you allow your light to shine through.

It doesn’t interest me what you do because you should do it.
I want to know what lights you up,
What makes your spirit soar and your soul sing.

It doesn’t interest me if you’ll allow your blocks and obstacles to keep you shackled.
I want to know how you’ll set yourself free.
I want to know what makes you feel liberated,
How you’ll forge a way to your freedom.



I Wish to Know You More. {Poem)

I Want to Know You.


Author: Camilla Sanderson

Assistant Editor: Hilda Carroll / Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Julia Caesar/Unsplash


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Read 2 comments and reply

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