December 8, 2015

ISIS & the Paris Attacks: The Truth Behind Syria So Far.


In spring of 2011, following the example of Egyptians and Tunisians, the people of Syria took to the streets to demand reform.

At first peaceful, the Syrian President, Assad, ordered the Syrian Armed Forces to open fire, and the people then armed themselves as rebel groups.

As the rebels started fighting back, the USA and allies started funding the rebels, initially the Free Syrian Army (FSA), with training, cash, weapons and intelligence to help overthrow Assad. (here)

The civil war rages on like this until the end of April 2013 when the USA and Israel reported that Assad was using chemical weapons against his own people. (here) (here)

This was in fact a pretext for the USA and allies to be able to become more directly involved in the civil war, and was followed on May 3rd with Israel bombing Syria, claiming to be targeting arms headed for Lebanon where the Hezbollah militant group supports Assad. (here)

But the goal of Israel and the USA by bombing Syria was really to draw Iran into the conflict. Syria and Iran are bound by a mutual defense treaty. If one goes to war with another country, the other should follow, so an invasion from the USA and Israel into Iran would then have been possible. (here)

Let’s deal with why later, because then the bombings and claims by the USA and Israel that Assad was using chemical weapons curiously died down (here) as an investigation by the UN was carried out.

The UN investigations later found it was actually rebels backed by the USA who used the gas (here) while leaked documents showed a plot by the UK and Qatar, fully backed by Washington, to have false evidence planted that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons on the rebels in the country. (here) (here)

So the civil war continued, and the USA and allies continued to back rebels fighting the Syrian government. Assad fights back. Civilians die. Many more civilians die.

Until ISIS (or ISIL) started calling themselves IS (Islamic State), dropping Iraq and al-Sham (meaning Greater Syria or Levant) from their name, and started claiming religious, political and military authority over not just Assad’s Syrian Armed Forces, but all Muslims in the region, including the US (and allies) funded rebels. (here) (here) (video here)

On September 22, 2014, the United States and allies, along with Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, officially begin to bomb Syria, targeting ISIS. (here) (here) Curiously, ISIS continues to grow in strength as the death toll rises, which eventually leads to Lebanon, Russia, and Iran backing the Syrian government against ‘foreign-backed terrorism’.

By September 2015, Russia is bombing ISIS (here) (here), while Iran and Lebanon send in troops to assist on the ground. (here)

But the USA and UK then publicly condemn the attacks made by Russia, claiming that Russia is targeting the US-funded rebels—not ISIS. (here) (here)

So, who was actually bombing ISIS?

Both, probably, and at great cost to civilians. But the area Russia was bombing was in the al-Nusra region (here), and the al-Nusra are not only known to be al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch who have a direct alliance with ISIS (here) (here) but also a US funded and backed rebel group.

In further support of this claim, the FSA (the first rebels to be funded by the USA and allies) openly cooperate with al-Nusra and ISIS (here) and the FSA command has been dominated by Islam extremists since at least 2012. (here)

Photos from US troops on the internet further support this claim, stating that they are fighting with Al-Queda in a civil war to topple Assad.

What this means is that while Russia (and its allies) are defending Assad against any rebel groups including ISIS, the USA (and its allies) are not showing much interest in stopping ISIS as long as they are holding back Russia and Assad from defeating the rebels.

As this continues, an estimated 5000 Syrian refugees arrive on the shores of Greece every day (video here). Everyone talks about what to do with the refugees, but no one talks about how to actually stop, rather than fuel, the war.

Instead, to break the stalemate, the US, France, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia and Qatar try releasing a joint statement demanding that Russia stop bombing Syrian civilians because civilian casualties “will only fuel more extremism and radicalization”; one day later the USA is caught bombing a hospital in Afghanistan. (here) (here)

Russia and its allies start gaining further open support from countries like China (here) (here) and Iraq (here), and the USA starts losing its stronghold in Syria (here) (here). America needed a new strategy, fast.

Then, on Friday 13th November 2015, there was a surprise attack on Paris that shakes the Western world and changes everything. (here) (here) (here) While news reports are sketchy, confusing and chaotic, within 12 hours French President Hollande suspiciously knows the names of the attackers and where they were from, and is quick to state ISIS as the perpetrator, which is confirmed when ISIS claim responsibility the following morning. (here) (here) (video here)

Next, the real fear-mongering begins. David Cameron warns there have been six terrorist attempts on the UK in the last 12 months and an attack is highly likely (here), Thomas de Maizière of Angela Merkel’s party, The Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), states “Not only individual countries, but all of the West, including Germany, stand in the cross-hairs of international terror.” (here)

Soon France is declaring it will deploy airstrikes on Syria killing even more thousands of civilians (here) to join in taking military action by cutting the head off ISIS. (here) Germany and other NATO allies will certainly follow.

So, who are they attacking except for thousands of innocent civilians?

The attacks in Paris were carried out by people under the flag of ISIS—but what evidence is there that these attacks were organised, planned, ordered or funded by anyone in Syria?

This is exactly the same as what happened on 9/11—all over again! (here) (here)

We know that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. All these wars can be linked to private banks, oil corporations, defense contractors and profits. (here) (here) (here)

Don’t get me wrong. The people of Syria were suffering great oppression under Assad, but just like in Iraq, they are suffering much more greatly now. Those who create the problems, whoever they may be, direct our reactions toward artificial solutions that put more power into their hands. (here) (here)

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia has been bombing the Arab world’s poorest country, Yemen, with full US support, killing thousands of civilians and creating another humanitarian crisis. (here)

This war has nothing to do with liberation or freedom. The US government always saw the rebel uprisings in Syria as an excuse to get more money, more oil and more power—it was never about the people! (here)

Whatever happens next, remember that while the USA, now with NATO’s full backing, bomb Syria to smithereens along with France (and even Russia! (here)), ultimately this is only because they artificially share a common enemy, ISIS.

As General Wesley Clark stated back in 2007, the end goal for the USA in this war on terror will always be taking Iran (watch video here), while Russia will keep the USA as far away from achieving this goal as possible. (here)

Syria has oil, but Iran has a lot more—the third largest oil reserves in the world. Yet the insanity is that we already have enough oil reserves already, as long as we use them while developing alternative energy. We don’t need oil, we need solutions! (here)

These politicians are playing chess with human lives and with our planet, and as long as our leaders are making decisions about war based on how profitable it is for them, they should not be allowed to make these decisions at all. (here)

If we really want to make all these lost human lives count, we need to demand that the insanity, the chaos, the instability and the deaths in both the West and the Middle East stops now!

Do not support these political wars. 

Do not support these corrupt politicians. 

Welcome refugees with love and compassion.

Stop the killing. 

Stop the hatred. 

Stop the cycle. 

Stop fueling the fire. 

Demand that we pull all troops out of the Middle East. 

Demand non-violent interference or no interference at all. 

Author: Robito Chatwin

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photos: Wikipedia 

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