December 27, 2015

Mystic Man: A Warning to those who Want the Life they Already Have.

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If you want the life you have, don’t date a mystic man.

Swathed in shadows, a mystic man steps effortlessly between all the landscapes of the universe, and strides with confidence over the harshest of grounds. His movement is assured and unending, as to stop is to dissolve. A mystic man finds his tranquility in the rhythmic ebb and flow of space and time, finds stillness in the balance of perpetual motion, and accepts the impermanence of all things as he accepts the cool, soft light of a new day.

Can you imagine that you could keep up? Can you believe in such infinite progression?

If you want the life you have, don’t date a mystic man.

If you cherish the comforts of a charmed life, if your harmony is arranged around the pleasures of small things, will your charm and harmony hold sway in the face of such discordance? For He is the spark that ignites the intangible fire of the unknown. In his gaze lies the majesty of unbound possibility. He will open you up and allow electric potential to flow through you, he will revel in watching you break forth from your self-constructed damns of restraint, your towering walls of self-doubt, and He will dance with you in the infinite river of your expression.

If you want the life you have, don’t date a mystic man.

If he speaks to you, his words will surround you and smother the small voices of your chittering, disconnected mind.

The timbre of his voice will resonate with the deepest part of you and shake the core of your beliefs until all that remains of your fear is dust and memory. The cadence of his tone will show you what was once forgotten, the footsteps of his dance will unlock, as if by secret key, the majesty of your connected existence.

Are you ready for such revelation? Are you prepared to be laid bear before his mighty supplication and revealed as the Goddess you truly are?

If you want the life you have, don’t date a mystic man.

The female energies of this world have been beaten down into the earth for so long that to cherish the earth is looked upon as weakness, yet the Mystic man is stronger for his connection to the ground he walks.

The unknowable effervescence of unyielding love that percolates our reality, that you feel is just out of reach, is the air that he inhales, and with each breath he grows stronger, the better to create space for the ultimate expression of human existence; the ying, the yang, the positive, the negative, the proton, the electron, the day, the night, the sun, the moon, the man, the woman, the pristine polar opposites of one whole reflecting back upon itself endlessly in beautiful recognition of utter perfection, the music of the spheres.

If you want the life you have, don’t date a mystic man.

If all of this seems like too much, the size of these shoes too large, then don’t date a Mystic man. His footsteps leave whirlpools in reality that invite and entice, but will ultimately lead to a shattering of normality, a dissolution of ego, a banishment of fear and a true outpouring of the light you have kept guarded for so long. He comes like a force of nature to undo your bondage and unleash your power, and will laugh and sing as the world is drawn breathless in awe at the revelation that is you.



Choose a Man who will Serve your Soul. {Adult}


Author: David Bannister

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Tony Alter/Flickr

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